Career & Future Scope of MBA in Human Resource Management in India

Career Scope of MBA Human Resource Management

An MBA in Human Resource Management is a great program with excellent career and future scope. Despite there being many diverse specialisations available, some of the best colleges for MBA in Human Resource Management witness a record number of applicants for this program even today.

Initially, the human resource department was started as a means by which companies could retain their employees. Over the years, this department has assimilated more responsibilities within an organisation. No matter the industry, each and every business needs a human resource department to manage its employees.

If you are interested in a career in human resources, there are many ways in which you can make your career goals come true. Let’s take a look at the scope in the field and how you can work towards a career in human resources.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management:

  1. Human Resource Executive

Professionals who are recent graduates can be hired at this position. They are responsible for updating and overseeing company policies, recruitment processes, and employment engagement programs.

  1. Chief Human Resource Officer

This is one of the highest positions in an organisation. These professionals are tasked with drafting HR policies, ensuring compliance with government laws, and ensuring the smooth running of the organisation.

  1. Human Resource Director

Human resource director or manager is another great position you can achieve after gaining relevant experience in the field. Most leading businesses need a human resource director to manage their HR department.

  1. Human Resource Consultant

These professionals provide companies with a fresh perspective on their HR department. They work on a contractual basis and are hired by companies to evaluate their current HR policies and suggest improvements when necessary.

  1. Training & Development Manager

Training and development managers lead a team of professionals who ensure that employees are trained to perform expected tasks within an organisation. They are also responsible for conducting relevant training on a regular basis to optimise employee performance.

  1. Labour Relations Manager

If you are someone who loves to fight for what is right, you can pursue a career in labour relations. You will be responsible for drafting and overseeing rules and regulations that balance company expectations and employee rights.

How to become a Human Resource Manager or Professional?

  1. Gain an Education

If you are sure about a career in HR, then you can start your education with a BBA in Human Resources after class 12, followed by an MBA in Human Resources. This can help you gain the necessary skills and training to work in this field.

  1. Pursue Professional Certification Courses

HR is a vast field and degree programs only go so far in keeping up with industry expectations. You can look for additional certification programs to pursue that can add to your profile and give you an edge over your competitors in the job market.

  1. Prepare a Professional Resume

Your resume is your ticket to a bright career in HR. As an HR professional, you know the importance of a well-drafted and impressive resume. Do some research and evaluate resumes of professionals with a similar profile to yours. This will help you draft an impressive resume to gain access to top jobs n the field

  1. Gain Relevant Work Experience

All fields and companies expect employees to come to them with relevant work experience. The same applies to the HR field as well. You must look for internship opportunities and jobs in the field to build your resume. This can lead to better jobs in the future in the industry of your choice.

  1. Seek Projects at your Job

If you have landed a job in HR, it is time to start building on your skills and experience. Seek out projects in the department. Be proactive. Volunteer to take up challenging tasks that can add to your resume. This will also help you stand out of the crowd in the job market.

Skills needed to make it in Human Resource Management

  1. Agreeable Personality: You need to have a pleasant personality to put employees at ease when they approach you.
  2. People Skills: You must have a high level of empathy to understand the needs of employees who depend on you to solve their problems within a corporate setting.
  3. Disciplined: You must lead the employees of your organisation by example and that is only possible if you yourself are disciplined.
  4. Communication Skills: You will be interacting with people from all departments, including freshers in the field and experienced CEOs. You need to develop exceptional communication skills to do your job well.
  5. Problem Solving Skills: Employees from various departments will come to you seeking solutions to their issues and so you need to be adept at problem-solving on a regular basis.

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