Career Prospects after Bachelors in Interior Design from Sandip University

Pursue Bachelors in Interior Design

Overview of Interior Design

Interior designers design and develop the homes and properties of clients accordingly to their aesthetics and pleasure. They are the ones who plan, co-ordinates and manages and enhances the working or residential spaces. This job also includes roles and duties such as planning of the space, development of the concept, programming, site inspections, construction management, execution of design and communicating with stakeholders of the project. Conventionally, building of home was mostly concerned with only architectural designs. However, now a days people have become conscious and give lot of importance to aesthetics and designs as well as colour combinations.

Interior Design in Today’s World

Now people are concerned about small details and imagery, conceptualisation and planning and making their space a beautiful space to live in. People have become more aware about importance of living into pleasant and positive spaces, with styles that speak of them and their cultures and traditions. Due to the high demand of designs, the scope and demand of this profession is exponentially growing in India. The top design colleges in Nashik offer some best courses in Interior Design.

 Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is responsible for planning of aesthetics and designing of the space. An interior decorator gives recommendations to the clients regarding how the space has to decorated, colour schemes to be used, fabrics and other materials to be used, design artefacts and themes that can be used to decorate this space and give it some style.  The interior decorators could also hire a team of vendors, take orders and delegate work to their team. Many interior decorators work on a contractual basis and do not take full time jobs. They prefer to take orders for works and work on a freelance basis rather than working full time.

Colour Consultant

A colour consultants role is to suggest colour schemes to its clients which would help them to decorate their space as per their wish and desires. The role of a colour consultant or specialist needs creative planning and a study of colour psychology so as to meet the client needs. Colour Consultants are responsible to choose such colours which match the needs of the clients. They work collaboratively with architecture and design firm to prepare a budget. Colour specialists also work together with paint companies to help the clients in order to personalize their office or residential space. After pursuing B.Des in Interior design, one has the option of working as a colour consultant.

Retail Interior Designer

People handing these roles are responsible for designing the commercial places like commercial stores, shops and offices. They help to design and plan the store layout, suggest intricate designs, colour schemes and overall layout to make the space appealing for its customers/clients. This job requires the understanding and study of spatial planning to fulfill the stores vision within a space, keeping in mind brand value and architectural guidelines. The interior design colleges in Maharashtra train the students on the above skills.

Production Designer

Production designers create sets for films and dramas. They are responsible for the design of the filmcity. Production designers have the responsibility of creating and making the design. They have to coordinate with the director, producer and technical team to ensure that the set is ready and is as per the suggestions of the creative team.  This role of production designer is suitable for someone who is interested in films and Bollywood. A person who is in love with the media industry can beautify the set as per the directors vision.

Exhibition Designer

An exhibit designer is responsible to design the exhibition space. The exhibition designer designs the seating arrangement, floor work, fitting for events and public spaces such as public spaces, local exhibitions, art galleries, conference events, fashion shows etc. They are expected to have an aesthetic vision which would create curiosity amongst the people. In order to designs museums or exhibitions in galleries, it is necessary that designers should have a deep understanding of infrastructural design.

Lighting Designer

As the name suggests, a lighting designer is responsible for designing adequate lighting in the spaces. Lighting designers are responsible to adequately design the lightening space of residential buildings, office spaces and make them lit up. Their job involves providing suggestions regarding lighting installations, vibrancy of the space that they are working on they have to implement the design plan of the light in coordination. In addition to creative knowledge, lighting designers have to know regarding aesthetics and special lighting effects.

In conclusion, it can be said that working in these roles can be worth but also challenging at times. This is because in order to work in these roles, certain skills are much required.  Some of the most important skills that are required to work in these roles are strong communication skills, negotiation skills, strong collaboration and leadership skills and multi- tasking and time management skills. In addition to all these skills, networking skills are also of much importance. Networking skills are essential for exploring various markets of vendors and also for networking with suppliers. Along with a creative and relevant academic course, the top B.Des Colleges in Nashik also train the students on these skills. So what are you waiting for. Come, join this course soon. Good Luck!