Career Scope After B.Tech Cloud Technology and Information Security

Career Scope After B.Tech Cloud Technology and Information Security

Cloud technology and information security are two very popular technologies in the IT sector currently. The scope of cloud computing is immense as more and more businesses are relying on cloud technology to store and safeguard their data. There are many cutting-edge applications of cloud technology and information security today. Before we proceed any further, we need to understand what cloud technology and information security stand for.

What is Cloud Computing and Information Security?

Cloud computing is a technology that allows individuals and businesses to securely store data on remote servers without taking on the cost of maintaining these servers. Individuals and businesses usually pay a subscription fee, depending on their requirement and usage of the systems. External storage space like Google Drive and iCloud are excellent examples of day-to-day applications of cloud technology.

Information security is a technology that facilitates the security of data stored digitally from cyberattacks. Cyber criminals are constantly looking to infiltrate secure data to gain access to sensitive information. The role of professionals skilled at information security is to prevent such attacks and maintain the overall security of computing systems related to cloud technology.

There are many career opportunities in cloud technology and information security, depending on the qualifications a candidate has. Here are some of the leading careers you can opt for with the right qualifications and training in this field.

Top Jobs in Cloud Technology and Information Security

1. Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are professionals who understand the technical requirements of a cloud-based project and design a viable infrastructure to create the final product based on cloud technology. These professionals also interact with businesses to understand their requirements, identify their problems and suggest relevant solutions for the same through cloud computing. Cloud architects need to know various computing languages, data visualisation tools, and log monitoring tools to succeed in their profession.

2. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber security engineers are responsible for combating cyber threats like hacking, malware, ransomware, phishing, and many others. They are skilled in counter-cyber security measures and are trained to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to do their job efficiently. These professionals need to come up with cutting-edge solutions against cyber threats. They must develop innovative technology that can prevent cyber crime from taking place in the first place.

3. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are tasked with the automation of various cloud processes. They also have to develop customised and scalable solutions to a customer’s problems. These professionals constantly monitor, manage and maintain different types of cloud technologies to ensure that they are running smoothly and safely. A B.Tech in Cloud Technology can help you gain the skills needed to become a successful cloud developer. These professionals also need to know full-stack development and programming languages to succeed in this profession.

4. Information Security System Engineer

Information security system engineers are professionals who engineer, monitor and implement latest technologies to safeguard cloud systems and computer systems from cyber threats. These professionals have to identify threats, and work towards implementing counter-security measures to nullify the threats. They are recruited by businesses to safeguard their computer networks and systems from cyberattacks. These professionals have to create complex and efficient cyber security tech to protect sensitive information in company servers and IT systems.

5. Cloud Automation Engineer

Cloud automation engineers design, develop and implement automation systems native to cloud technology. They also have to create applications that can work in sync with such technology in an automated manner. These professionals work in teams and have to work closely with different departments within an organisation to understand the cloud-based needs of the organisation. Besides knowing different computing languages, these professionals must also be well-versed in cloud-based platforms, automation tools, and have relevant troubleshooting skills to be successful professionals in this field.

6. IT Security Officer

IT security officers oversee different aspects of IT security such as information security, IT risk management and cyber security. They have to work with risk-management frameworks that are industry-approved. IT security officers can be hired by businesses full-time or part-time, depending on the scale and scope of the organisation. These professionals can also work as consultants and work for clients who want an overview of their IT systems security. As consultants, these professionals have to analyse a company’s IT security and suggest relevant tools and tech to combat IT security risks against cyberattacks.

7. Cloud Security Analyst

Cloud security analysts work within an organisation to establish the stability and security of the organisation’s cloud-based networks. They are responsible for developing and overseeing cloud-based computing systems and IT networks to prevent breach of security. They also have to implement other security measures such as firewalls, proxy, and other such security measures. These professionals have to be extremely knowledgeable to be able to work as cloud security analysts. There are many cloud computing courses in Nashik that can help these professionals gain the right knowledge and training to work efficiently in this field.


Cloud technology and information security have a lot of futuristic scope for professionals interested in this field. Companies and businesses are constantly looking for competent professionals to safeguard their IT networks and pay these professionals handsomely. You can look for leading computer engineering colleges in Nashik to gain the right training in this field for a global career ahead. Good luck!

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