Careers After Pursuing LLM from Sandip University

Employment Opportunities after LLM

LLM is a good option to pursue if one wants a deeper knowledge of the law field. There are many top law colleges in Nashik which one can look at for pursuing their LLM studies. Doing a masters in law is a good idea as one gets an opportunity to specalise in some branches of law such as criminal, civil, corporate to name a few. You can work in the following job titles after passing out from the top LLM colleges in Nashik:

1. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal defence attorneys are in charge of defending their clients in court during criminal proceedings. Criminal defence attorneys present their client’s case before the judge, cross-examine witnesses and other relevant parties, and go over the evidence. Strong interpersonal and investigative abilities are essential in this sector. Criminal attorneys are masters at doing research, analysing the law, and dealing with others. Due to the demands of their work, criminal attorneys need to be extremely smart and detail-oriented. Criminal attorneys are hired by clients for their in-depth understanding .The LLM criminal law colleges in Nashik train you to become effective and efficient criminal lawyers.

2. Corporate Lawyer

As a corporate attorney, you would have to give your clients legal advice about liability claims, business transactions, and court appearances. A corporate lawyer’s responsibility is to make sure that the business’s transactions comply with corporation law. They defend the business against any potential legal actions. Corporate Law is one of the best career opportunities after LLM that one can pursue.

3. Judicial Services

Court proceedings are presided over by a judge. After hearing arguments from both sides and analysing the case’s legal circumstances, they render a decision on the matter. The judicial profession is one of the most prestigious in India. You must take the state-level test for judicial services in order to pursue a job in India’s judicial system. One of the foundations of Indian democracy is the judiciary, which maintains a balance between the legislative and executive branches. One of the most prestigious occupations, a judge has a huge responsibility to provide justice to those who seek it. That earns you a lot of respect from the community.

4. Legal Journalist

If you have a talent for writing, you can pursue a career in legal journalism. They provide content for both offline and online sources, including blogs, websites, and social media (newspapers, magazines, etc.). However, a legal journalist is not only restricted to writing; they can also be employed on YouTube and other visual media. It’s unquestionably a special profession with a particular set of chances and difficulties.

5. Legal Analyst

Legal analysts are tasked with investigating, analysing, and recommending solutions to legal problems. Paralegals and litigation analysts are both terms for legal analysts, and the type of work they do varies greatly depending on the case they are working on and who they are assisting. They are in charge of managing databases and tracking systems as well as gathering, monitoring, and evaluating critical records. While working on challenging cases, they may be required to work past normal business hours. Additionally, they might have to travel to conduct further studies in their cases.

6. Civil Lawyer

Civil lawyers discuss the cases in non-criminal disputes. The civil attorneys fight all civil cases. A civil lawyer is in charge of all the case-related duties, including speaking with the other party’s attorneys and the judge, interviewing witnesses, recruiting experts, filing the motions, and case presentation. Civil law has many specialisations and branches. Excise law, divorce law, and tax law are some of the specialties and branches in this area. Civil Law is one of the good options


The career options after LLM are vast and have many job roles in which one can work in after passing out from the Best LLM colleges in Nashik. In addition to working in a law firm or a company, one also has the option of starting one’s own practice. Therefore, our university also trains these lawyers to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. If you want to have a bright career in the field of law, then pursuing masters in law is indeed the best option. Come and join this course soon. Good Luck!

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