Earth Day With Sandip University

Earth Day

At Sandip University, we believe in doing our very best to contribute towards the welfare of our planet Earth. Through our students we have conducted a series of events for the benefit of the environment. Sandip University houses a number of students from various educational backgrounds, and so we tend to gain a dearth of inspirational ideas from our students on how to safeguard our planet.

On 28th November 2017, our students organised a campus-wide Swachchta Bharat Abhiyan keeping with the Indian government’s nationwide drive to promote cleanliness in one’s immediate surroundings. The SUN Movie Club created short documentaries to educate students on the importance of keeping one’s surroundings clean. The students also engaged in campus-wide rally with creative banners with catchy slogans to create awareness about the cleanliness drive. The main focus of this cleanliness drive was to focus on the proper disposal and recycling of waste.

A similar cleanliness drives were held on 16th August 2018,and 2nd October 2018. The idea behind this event was to continue working towards keeping one’s campus clean. On 18th September 2018, a ranking committee from All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, visited Sandip University’s campus and reviewed the cleaning drive organised by the students. Thecommittee members were amazed by how efficiently the cleanliness drive had been organised. They applauded the students for all their hard work and shared a few suggestions on how the students could further improve the cleanliness drive.

On 8th September 2018, our students held two separate events for the benefit of the environment. The first event was a tree plantation drive organized by the SUN Ecological Club. Our students and staff members relished the idea of a treeplantation drive and the response was overwhelming. The SUN Ecological Club decided to hold the event at Anjaneri Village for the benefit of the village’s residents.

Our students came up with the idea of planting trees like Neem, Vad, and Gulmohar as these trees are renowned for their air purification properties, besides helping with underground water conservation.Sandip University is very proud of its students and staff members who readily rose to the occasion and were happy to make their contribution towards making Earth Day a huge success not just for themselves but also for the residents of Anjaneri Village.

The second event held on 8th September 2018 was a hands-on workshop to create eco-friendly Shadu Clay Ganesha.Our students partnered with Udaan Foundation, Nashik for this event; this foundation works closely with students of all ages.The main purpose of this event was to educate people on the harmful effects of Ganesha idols made of Plaster of Paris. These harmful ingredients cause water pollution and harm our marine life in the long run. As an alternative studentwere encouraged to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols out of clay and other materials that are easily biodegradable. By the end of the workshop students had put up a large display of beautiful eco-friendly Ganesha idols, completely handmade.

At Sandip University we constantly strive to imbibe a sense of social responsibility in our students towards the environment. We encourage our students to be constantly vigilant when it comes to protecting the environment. Our university keeps the use of paper to a bare minimum on campus. We also provide our students with e-learning modules through which they can revise their course material as per their convenience. Being an eco-friendly university is a huge part of Sandip University’s core values.

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