Industry Report Writing Workshop

Industry Report Writing Workshop

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Event Title: Industry Report Writing Workshop
Venue Details: By School of Fashion Design, Beauty Cosmetology & Interior Design (SOFDBC&ID)
Event Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022.
Department: Sandip University ,School of Fashion Design & Beauty Cosmetology
Event Details:

The industry has changed a lot since the time when industry reports used to be just a list of products and sales figures. The report-writing industry has evolved into a professional industry with a scope to make an impact on the business decisions of the clients. The industry has also become very competitive, with each and every business trying to outdo its rivals. This has led to an increase in the demand for high-quality reports. Keeping this in mind, Sandip University’s School of Fashion Design, Beauty Cosmetology & Interior Design conducted an innovative activity of outdoor painting today, Tuesday, March 15, 2022, under the expert guidance of Hon’ble Dean Dr.Sandeep Prasad and Assistant Professor Er. Siddhartha Dharane.

There are several reasons why report writing must be learnt. First of all, report writing provides a great opportunity to practice and expand on the skills that have been learnt. This is a great way to test the waters and see how well the skills that have been learnt really work. Secondly, report writing provides a great way to showcase ones knowledge and skills to the world. The importance of industry report writing cannot be emphasized enough, and it is one of the most important skills that any marketer must have. Industry reports are used to gather data on the current state of a particular industry, which is then used to help determine the direction of the market. This is done through the use of primary and secondary research. In this workshop, we put some light on the importance of industry report writing and give students an outline on how to write an industry report.

The first segment of this Industry Report writing workshop focused on the topic of industry report writing. The second segment of the workshop was a review of the structure and format of an industry report, including a deep dive into the key components of an industry report, including the executive summary, market analysis, products and services section, and the competitive landscape. A guiding template was provided by the Hon’ble Dean Dr. Sandeep Prasad Sir for the workshop for writing an industry report.

“One of the biggest advantages of learning how to write industry reports is that it gives you the opportunity to learn how to convey your message to the clients in a professional manner. This not only enhances your credibility as a marketer, but also helps you build positive relationships with the clients. It also enables you to become an authority in your industry, which in turn increases the demand for your services and products. All of this leads to increased revenues and profits.” – said Assistant Professor Er. Siddhartha Dharane during the session.

The workshop on Industry Report Writing was a very good event. It taught students about the importance of industry report writing and how to go about it. The bulk of the course was spent on understanding the content of the report and how to go about writing a good report. It also introduced students to the tools and techniques used by industry experts.

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2022-03-15 @ 10:00 PM to
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