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Title: SUNHACKS 2024

Date: 25,26 and 27 April 2024

Department: School of Computer Science & Engineering

About Hackathon: Hackathon is an events where computer programmers gather to develop new approaches to solving problems or completing large projects that require collaboration. During hackathons, participants look to introduce new techniques, standards or personal programming styles to progress on projects and develop solutions.

Objective/ Purpose of SUNHACKS 2024:

Skill Development: Hackathons provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance their technical skills in coding, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management.

Innovation and Creativity: Hackathons foster a culture of innovation and creativity by encouraging participants to think outside the box and come up with novel solutions to problems.

Networking: Hackathons bring together students, faculty, industry professionals, and sometimes even investors or entrepreneurs.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Many hackathons encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by inviting students from various academic backgrounds to participate.

Promoting Entrepreneurship: Hackathons can serve as a platform for fostering entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Community Building: Hackathons contribute to building a vibrant and supportive community within the university.

Highlights: Hackathon Competitions also promotes the government campaigns such as started “Vocal for Local campaign”, Digital India and “AatmNirbhar Bharat” policy for Making India a bigger and important part of the global economy.


No. Registration: 1600

No. of Groups: 145 groups

Themes of SUNHACKS: web development, AIML, health tech, and fintech

Country Participants: Nigeria, China, India

Total States: 12+ states

Prize Money: ₹50,000 (Winner), ₹30,000 (1st runner-up), ₹20,000 ( 2nd Runner-up)

Co-ordinators: Dr. Amol Potgantwar, Dr. Pawan Bhaladhare. Dr. Anand Rajawat

To register for this event please visit the following URL:

Date And Time

2024-04-25 @ 10:00 AM to
2024-04-27 @ 06:00 PM

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