Everything You Need To Know About A Career In Fire Technology & Safety


Fire and safety are one of the most important components in a number of industries. It is not just businesses, fire and safety is actually even a household concern. And yet it may seem that there isn’t enough done to make sure that places like hospitals, malls, commercial buildings, residential complexes are actually fire safety compliant. There have been instances where public places have suffered a fire outbreak, causing massive loss of life and property because the venue didn’t comply with fire and safety instructions.

So who can make sure that such mishaps are avoided in the future? That is the role of fire technology and safety engineers. With a boost in infrastructure industry and businesses in general, private and government sectors are both looking to hire fire technology and safety engineers who can help with making structures fire compliant. There is a lot of demand in the industry for qualified fire technology and safety engineers, and top engineering colleges in India are now focusing on this branch of engineering with a renewed interest.

Let’s take a look at what a career in fire technology and safety entails

What is fire technology and safety engineering?

Fire technology and safety is one of the most demanding branches of engineering that requires serious dedication and commitment. Fire safety officers are responsible for designing structures that can prevent fire outbreaks, and also protect people from fires, if any.

What is the role of a fire engineer?

Fire engineers usually assess risk factors of structures before they enter the construction phase and help building companies make these structures fire compliant. Their main goal is to prevent fire outbreaks, and if one does occur, then to minimise the loss of life and property. Besides this their main task is to factor in all the risky aspects of a structure and implement safety measures for the same to prevent fires.

What skills does a fire engineer require?

Fire engineers must have good communication skills so that they can effectively communicate their requirements to concerned parties. They must have the ability to evaluate risky situations and have exceptional organisational skills so that they can prevent loss of life and property. Fire engineers are required to work in a team so it is important for them to inculcate team spirit and leadership skills for the job. They must also be physically and mentally fit to take on the role of a fire engineer.

What are the qualifications required to become a fire engineer?

There are a number of institutions in India that offer a variety of courses in fire technology and safety. A diploma in fire technology and safety is one of your options to qualify in this area of expertise. However, if you want to have a stronghold on the subject and boost your career in the industry it is recommended that you pursue a B.Tech in fire technology and safety from a reputed institution. Some of the best engineering colleges in India are offering this course to students.

What are the career prospects in fire technology and safety?

Since fire technology and safety isn’t a very renowned branch of engineering, there aren’t many students pursuing this course. This has created a shortage in the industry for qualified fire technology and safety engineers. If you are looking to make a career in this sector there are a number of industries that are looking to hire fire technology and safety engineers. The most obvious options would be to join the private or the government sector. However, industries dealing with chemicals or flammable products, oil refineries, clothing, etc. also require fire technology and safety engineers.

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