Gender Diversity & Role Of Women In A Digital World

Women Diversity

In a modern age, corporates are now understanding the role of women in the workforce & how they can effectively contribute to the success of the organization. With the growing awareness of the women empowerment, equality/gender based issues, etc has increased more number of women to participate in the workforce & are now climbing to the roles of leadership. A digital industry has been going into a deeper radical transformation phase after the success of social media, lead generation & other digital media initiatives. According to a recent survey conducted by Sandip University, Today, women in a digital media world far better than men & increase the productivity of the organization by more than 28%.

‘Diversity’ has remained as top agenda for the higher management, in order to bring the fresh talent & pool of creativity in the organization. The women are now creating their own landmark in a digital media world with their constant innovation & maximizing the diverse culture & limited resources. There are several advantages that role of a woman can bring to the organization operating in a digital media world:

    • An Effective Leadership:One of the most important things, it has been observed that women create a subtle environment in the organization that contributes to an effective growth & generates higher sales target. The higher management believes that women’s diversity maintains a discipline & accurate workflow process in the organization.
    • Emotional Diversity: We live in a patriarchal society, where the majority of the crucial decisions are taken by men. However, in recent year, the women are now joining the workforce, particularly in a Media & digital sector. This has resulted into a vast change in the perception & goals of an organization. Some of the sociologists believes that EQ (Emotional Quotient) factor plays a major role than just having an IQ, which motivates the women to survive in a corporate sector.
    • Strategy & transparency:It is to be believed that women are more strategy-oriented. Planning & nurturing is a major aspect for them, before starting up with any of the projects. Transparency is another key aspect that the clients require from a company. Hence, women do far better when it comes to maintaining a transparency aspect.
  • Inclusiveness: When it comes to participation & involvement level, women are more prone to include their junior members at a decision level. Hence, it leads to developing better insight & drives more creative thinking in the organization. Also, the inclusiveness factor gives a better solution to a specific problem.

Not surprisingly, women are much more brand-oriented that gives them a higher edge to grab various opportunities in a digital media world.

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