How Seamless Mobility Will Fuel Growth of IOT

Internet of Things

Digitization got its biggest push with the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has been a true game changer as it allowed a single ecosystem or numerous ecosystems to function independently without human intervention. This has many outcomes, especially if the participants are able to seamlessly move from one data point to another. This blog delves into that study, citing adequate examples of the importance of IoT and how seamless Mobility will fuel its growth.

IoT the Big Doer!
IoT is the perfect example wherein a computerized application can by itself calculate and do various tasks in association with other devices. This homogenous collaboration which it does without human interference is special, and more over it can do it independently for a repeated number of times. Thus IoT allows one or a series of tasks to be completed.

Wireless Technology and IoT
Wireless technology is what will usher in the next chapter of IoT. The very option of no wires being present will allow more devices to be plugged in literally into an IoT device. However, what remains to be seen is whether they will be able to run it in a non complex and simple manner.

Top Sectors that will see IoT investment in India
Since the internet and technology is connected to every sector, we can fairly say with confidence that nearly all sectors will be benefiting from the usage of IoT. However, there are some that are ahead of the others. These include Health care, Housing, Safety and security, Transport and automobiles, Energy conservation and agriculture. In India the growth of IoT will be proportionate to the penetration of internet, which is already happening at a rapid pace. As the internet blurs urban and rural divide, one can fairly say that IoT will play a crucial role in the near future.

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