How to Become a Lawyer after Class 12?

Law as a Career After 12th

A career in law is a noble pursuit as it equips lawyers with the tools to fight injustices and enforce law. There are a number of competitive law courses that candidates can opt for after completing class 12. You can choose from 3-year and 5-year programs, depending on your career goals. After completing one of these undergraduate programs, you can opt for postgraduate programs in law. Postgraduate programs generally help you specialise in a specific field of law, based on your career goals.

Here are 5 steps you need to take to become a lawyer after 12th:

  1. Decide Which UG Course to Pursue

There are multiple UG law courses that you can pursue from one of the top law colleges in Nashik. LLB is a three-year UG law degree which is highly sought-after by students in India. BA LLB and BBA LLB are two of the most popular UG law courses in India that span across 5 years.

The BA LLB program is an amalgamation of the BA degree along with the LLB degree, providing students with a thorough knowledge about subjects applicable to both programs. Similarly, the BBA LLB program is an amalgamation of the BBA degree and the LLB degree. Candidates who want to pursue business law or corporate law generally opt for this degree at the UG level.

  1. Select the Right College

Selecting the right college is just as important as choosing the right law program. Many private law colleges in Maharashtra offer excellent UG and PG law programs that candidates can choose from. Some of the top private law colleges in Nashik provide students with hands-on training through moot court sessions, legal aid camps, and compulsory internships to help them gain first-hand experience in the field of law.

  1. Prepare for Entrance Exams

If you want to better your chances of gaining admission in one of the best law colleges in India then it is wise to prepare for entrance exams that you can appear for after class 12. National-level Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) are two of the most widely recognised law entrance exams in India. If you want to seek admission in one of the best private law universities in India then you can look into whether they have any specific entrance exams for law students and prep for the same as well.

  1. Skills to Hone to become a Successful Lawyer

Lawyers need to possess a number of skills in their arsenal in order to properly defend the law. They need to have excellent communication skills, reasoning skills, problem solving skills, and analytical skills that they can use in order to defend their clients and attain success as a professional lawyer. It is imperative that you start working on these skills before you join college so that your skills can be further honed when in college.

  1. Decide the Field of Study

Obtaining an undergraduate degree is simply the first step towards a thriving legal career. If you wish to better career opportunities in the industry it is important to pursue a postgraduate degree with a specialisation of your choice. LLM is the most sought-after postgraduate degree for law graduates. Some of the best law colleges in Nashik offer multiple 1 and 2 year LLM programs with a wide array of specialisations to interested students.


Pursuing a career is extremely rewarding provided you have a clear idea about the path you wish to pursue as a lawyer. There is no dearth of lawyers in the country, so to stand out of the crowd you need to obtain excellent qualifications, hone your skills, and work on your profession constantly to attain success. Conduct some relevant research and make sure that a career in law is the right choice for you. Good luck!

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