Is a Masters in Clinical Psychology Worth it? What Can I do with Masters in Clinical Psychology?

Is Masters in Clinical Psychology Worth it

Is pursuing so and so degree worth it? This is a common question that arises in students’ minds when they consider pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. They are concerned about the cost of education, return on investment in terms of a lucrative job, and whether or not it is the right career depending on their interests and aptitude. If you are considering a MA in Clinical Psychology, then you must have wondered what it is the right decision, and what you can do with the degree. Let’s address these questions in detail.

Is a Masters in Clinical Psychology worth it?

  1. Masters in Clinical Psychology is a challenging career which will require skilled expertise with necessary academic knowledge. Professionals will be required to be at the top of their game and think innovatively depending on their field of employment.
  2. There are a large number of career options open to professionals holding this qualification. You can be hired as Psychologists, Counsellors, Researchers, and Professors in a wide number of industries.
  3. There is an option of going into practice in a clinic of your own after completing this degree. You can also work at healthcare centres and clinics as a consultant where you can keep your own hours, giving you flexibility of timing in your career.
  4. Clinical psychologists are highly paid professionals as they have the expertise and qualification to counsel disturbed persons through their training. A career in clinical psychology can be highly lucrative.
  5. You can make a real difference with your degree by working in social services. You can work with troubled teens, abused children, battered women, and drug addicts to help them overcome their trauma and lead a healthy and happy life going ahead.

What can you do with an MA in Clinical Psychology?

  1. Government Jobs

You can work at a number of government agencies and offices with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Some of the best jobs open to you are Employment Counsellor, Psychology Program Manager, Social Service Manager, Developmental Specialist, and Human Resource Analyst. You can also work in government health clinics and hospitals as a psychiatrist.

  1. Healthcare Jobs

You can work as a healthcare professional in a number of healthcare facilities. Mental health care is at an all-time rise and there are massive opportunities in the field. It is a respectable job and you can be hired as a Behavioural Counsellor, Psychiatric Technician, Family Services Worker, Child Protection Worker, Childcare Supervisor, and Health Project Coordinator.

  1. Business & Marketing Jobs

A Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology can help you gain jobs beyond the healthcare system as well. You can apply for positions in the business and marketing arena as psychology graduates are in demand in such areas as they have a higher understanding of human behaviour and tendencies. These professionals can help businesses grow by contributing to research based on consumer behaviour and demands. Jobs open to you in this area are Human Resource Manager, Market Researcher, Public Relations Representative, Advertising Agent, and Employee Trainee.

  1. Teaching Jobs

Last but not the least you can always opt for a career in teaching. Even though the competition in the teaching field is fierce, you can be placed as a psychology teacher in a junior college or institute. You can also be employed as a career counsellor, student counsellor, and mental health counsellor within educational institutes.


A career in psychology can be highly rewarding and respectable. MA in Clinical Psychology is a comprehensive program that can lead to a PhD in Psychology. This qualification can further broaden your career opportunities by giving you an added advantage over your competitors in the job market. Some of the best colleges for Masters in Clinical Psychology are accepting admissions for the academic year 2021-22. So if you have made up your mind to pursue clinical psychology then this is the right time to apply.

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