Is Pharmacy a Women-Friendly Profession? Why are There so Many Female Pharmacists?


Pharmaceutical science is one of the fastest growing career options available to students today. However, one of the most common trends in pharmacy is that it is a field dominated by women. While women are making waves in a number of diverse fields, pharmacy still seems to be an all-time favourite profession for women. Most top pharmacy colleges in India record higher number of female applicants to undergraduate courses in pharmacy. So the questions arise as to whether pharmacy is a women-friendly career, and why are there so many female pharmacists in India? Let’s find out:

Why Are There So Many Female Pharmacists in India?

1. A Lucrative Career

 A pharmacist earns a good salary right from the start of their career as they work as one of the most in-demand medical professionals. Even professionals who hold a Diploma in Pharmacy go on to earn a good annual package at the beginning of their career. Hence, Pharmacy is one of the most sought-after professions for anyone who wants to become financially independent at a young age, especially women.

2. Flexible Work Timings

Most pharmacists have the option of working flexible timings, which is a huge advantage for women who have personal responsibilities. Since women are still considered to be the primary caregivers for children, it becomes easier for women to work as a pharmacist and also devote enough time to raising her children on a daily basis. 

3. Better & Safer Work Culture

Since the profession attracts a lot of women, most pharmacies have a lot of women working in them. This makes the work space safer for other women. As some pharmacies operate 24×7, women feel safer working as pharmacists due to the safer working conditions and better work culture. Women who have social constraints, such as restrictions at home, can also work as pharmacists as their family will be less worried about their safety in a women-dominated field.

4. A Versatile Career

Professionals who pursue pharmacy can be placed in a variety of healthcare institutions. They can work at government or private hospitals, at independent pharmacies, and also at private clinics. They can also be employed as researchers by leading pharmaceutical companies to engineer cutting-edge medical care. Besides this, professionals holding a Bachelor in Pharmacy qualification also have the option of entrepreneurship where they launch a pharmacy of their own. Such versatile career options attract women who prefer a flexible job where they can work as professionals without compromising on a rich family life. 

5. Affordable Courses

Diploma in Pharmacy and Bachelor in Pharmacy are some of the most affordable professional programs you will come across. Hence, most people who have financial constraints, or who want to take up independent student loans opt for a career in pharmacy. Many single women who want to pursue a professional qualification without any constraints end up pursuing pharmacy.


A career in pharmacy can be highly rewarding. You will be directly in touch with patients who need intense care, you can help design drugs that cure complex diseases, and help the community heal better. Pharmacists also have the power to detect and combat bioterrorist attacks. If you want to make a career in pharmacy that takes you places then you must start with an undergraduate program from one of the best pharmacy colleges in Nashik. You must make sure that the college has a fully-equipped lab dedicated to training pharmacy students, and a highly qualified faculty to instruct students

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