Is Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Interior Designing Worth It?

Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Interior Designing

Earlier, interior designing was considered to be a service that affluent people would opt for to enhance their homes and offices. However, this conception is changing as smart homes are on the rise and more people are hiring skilled interior designers. Of late, a career in interior designing has become a very sought-after career choice.

More and more candidates are realising that interior designing is a booming field with numerous job opportunities. It is a common misconception that to become an interior designer you just need to be creative. While creativity plays a huge role in the field, it always helps to gain skills and technical training in the field through a graduate degree in interior designing to improve your prospects in the industry.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should pursue an interior design course after 12th:

  1. A Flourishing Industry

Today there is a huge influx of homeowners and commercial space owners who realise the importance of integrating skilled interior designing into their space to make the most of their home and offices. This realisation has led to an increase in demand for skilled interior designers who can understand the needs of their clients, work within the stipulated budget, and get the job done in record time. There is tremendous career growth possible in the industry as the number of clients in the market is increasing every year.

  1. Opportunity to be Creative

Any kind of designing field demands creativity, and interior designing is no different. You need to possess a certain level of creativity, an eye for colours and textures, and excellent taste to make it as a successful interior designer. A B.Sc in Interior Designing program is designed to hone each student’s creativity and add a technical edge to it that helps them flourish in the industry. Top interior design colleges train students in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to help them become employable professionals in the industry.

  1. A Challenging Field

Like any other booming field, the interior designing industry can be quite challenging. Professionals have to deal with demanding and tough clients who constantly alter plans and designs as per their requirement. They also have to work on a strict budget and think outside the box to deliver the end product within the budgetary restrictions. Interior designers have tough deadlines and have to make sure that outsourced elements like furniture and upholstery are delivered in record time to complete a project.

  1. Diverse Career Opportunities

Interior designing is a diverse field with varying career opportunities. After completing a graduate program from one of the best interior designing colleges in Nashik, professionals can work for leading interior designing firms or take up independent projects from various clients. Entrepreneurship is a huge possibility with this field as you can launch an interior designing firm of your own and deal with diverse clients independently. Either way, you can have a thriving and exciting career in interior designing.

  1. Excellent Salary Packages

Interior designers are handsomely paid, depending on the kind of firm they work for, and the kind of projects they handle. Even professionals who have an independent interior designing firm have the opportunity to earn well as they work with diverse clients ranging from homeowners to commercial space owners. For example, if an interior designer has to create a layout of a 1000 square feet office space, they will be able to charge the client well for their services. Of course, the pay you can demand will depend on your experience and expertise in the field.


If you were wondering whether interior designing is the best career option for you, hopefully you have clarity regarding this question now. Some of the top interior designing colleges in Maharashtra offer skill-based and industry-synced undergraduate programs to enhance your prospects as a professional in the industry.

Make sure that the college you choose has the facilities to train students in CAD tech and other relevant hands-on skills. Placements are another important aspect you must consider when picking a college. So conduct some research and make the right choice for a career in interior designing. Good luck!

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