Is Pursuing Engineering from Private Colleges Worth It?

Private or Government Engineering College: Which is Better

A career in engineering can be highly rewarding as long as you receive the right training and education in the field. Which is why picking the right engineering college is one of the most important decisions you will make. There is intense competition for seats in top engineering colleges in India, and so it is advisable to shortlist your options in advance to kick start your career. However, the main question will always remain: should you apply to government engineering colleges or private engineering colleges? While government engineering colleges may seem like the obvious choice, do not be so quick to dismiss the possibility of studying at one of the best engineering colleges in India.

Let’s take a look at whether pursuing engineering from private colleges worth it:

  1. Infrastructure

Government colleges often lack the kind of infrastructure required for industry-synced training of students. In comparison, top private engineering colleges maintain cutting-edge infrastructure with a massive Wi-Fi enabled campus to help students develop the right skills as engineers. The focus of private colleges is to improve their reputation, provide industry-relevant education and training, and attract generation after generation of brilliant young minds to their campus.

  • Curriculum & Training

There is a complex procedure in place for government colleges to upgrade their curriculum and provide the right training to students. However, private colleges are autonomous and so can upgrade their curriculum year after year as per the needs of the industry. Studying an industry-integrated curriculum will help you face the challenges of the engineering industry and excel at your career. This curriculum will be a combination of academic knowledge and hands-on skills for better job prospects in the industry.

  • Faculty

While the faculty at government colleges is well-qualified, faculty members of private colleges generally hold PhDs from reputed universities. This gives them an edge over their counterparts in government institutions as they have a better and deeper understanding of engineering concepts which they can pass on to their students in private colleges. The faculty members of private colleges are highly motivated by high salaries, faculty exchange and training programs at international universities, and scope to advance their career, which translates into dedication towards their students in the long run.

  • Global Recognition

Reputed government colleges are widely recognised by global companies. However, there are many top private civil engineering colleges in Maharashtra that are globally recognised and offer comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Such colleges tie-up with international universities and educational institutions to provide their students and faculty members with exchange and training programs. Such tie-ups also help students receive the exposure they need to make it in a highly competitive job market. Hence, the degrees obtained at these private universities and colleges are globally recognised and extremely valuable.

  • Placements

Popular government colleges tend to provide good placement opportunities for students, but some of the lesser-known government colleges fail to do so. On the other hand, best engineering colleges in Nashik are overtaking these government colleges in providing excellent placement opportunities to students through annual placement drives and compulsory internships. These private colleges consistently tie-up with national and international companies and provide competitive placement opportunities with salaries on par per industry standards.

Conclusion Pursuing engineering can lead to an exciting, challenging, and global career, provided you pick the right college from which to pursue your education. There are many leading private civil engineering colleges in Nashik that offer value-addition and global certification programs at zero cost to students. These programs add to their educational portfolio, and help young professionals aspire for a global career. So if you want to pursue engineering, you may want to consider some of the best engineering colleges in Nashik for your education. Good luck!

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