Reasons for pursuing an MBA in HR from Sandip University

Reasons for Pursuing an MBA in HR

Have you ever noticed that irrespective of the industry, all businesses have one common department across all industries? Be it a tech company or an interior designing firm, they all have one thing in common, and that is a human resource department. All businesses, small or large, local or international, need a human resource department for various purposes.

MBA Human Resource Management is a very good program to pursue if you want to make it in this field. Human resource management is vital to the success of an organisation because the professionals in this field are the backbone of a business. They make sure to recruit the best talent, maintain morale, and oversee any disputes to ensure that a business is running smoothly.

If you are interested in building a career in this field, let us understand a bit more about MBA in HR and why you should pursue this program from Sandip University:

About MBA in HR Management

MBA in HR is a dynamic postgraduate degree program. At Sandip University, this program spans across two years and four semesters. The program helps candidates grasp the art of talent acquisition, managing a diverse workforce, and guiding employees to their full potential.

MBA in HR Eligibility & Admission Process

To be eligible to pursue MBA in HR at Sandip University, you need to have a three-year degree in any field from a UGC-recognised institution with minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination.

You will have to fill out an online application form on Sandip University’s website, or contact the toll-free number to connect with a career guidance counsellor who will assist you with the admission process.

Sandip University holds entrance exams for specialised programs like MBA in HR so you will have to prepare for the same. Your performance in the entrance exam along with your marks in the undergraduate degree program can make you eligible for merit scholarships, if available at the time.

MBA in HR Course Curriculum

The MBA in HR syllabus is very vast yet unique at Sandip University. The curriculum is designed to balance academic knowledge with practical training through classroom sessions, projects, assignments, group discussions, industry visits, technical and soft skill training, and so much more.

Some of the subjects included in the curriculum are Organisational Behaviour and Principles of Management, Business Law, Innovation Management, Operations Management, HR Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Management of Industrial Relations and Labor Law, Cross Cultural & Global Management, etc.

Career Opportunities After MBA in HR

There are many career opportunities that can be open to you after completing this program. The MBA in HR degree from Sandip University is globally-recognised so you can build a global career after completing this program. Here are the top career opportunities open to you in HR management:

  1. Employee Relations Manager
  2. Human Resource Manager
  3. Talent Acquisition Executive
  4. Staffing Director
  5. Employees Relations Manager
  6. Compensation Manager
  7. Director of HR Training and Development
  8. Technical Recruiter
  9. Executive Recruiter
  10. Human Resource Consultant

Benefits of Pursuing MBA in HR from Sandip University

1. Industry-synced Curriculum

The course curriculum for MBA in HR at Sandip University is designed after consultation with industry experts. Latest developments in the industry are taken into consideration to include topics that are relevant to evolving businesses and their needs. Students are trained in high-tech classrooms to prepare them for a global career in HR management.

2. Value-Addition & Global Certification Programs

Sandip University offers a wide range of value addition and global certification programs to management students. Some of these programs are included into the course curriculum to help students develop their skills relevant to MBA in HR. These certifications also help add weightage to their resume, ensuring better career opportunities upon graduation.

3. 100% Placement Assistance

100% placement assistance is available at Sandip University through campus placement drives. Over 150 global recruitment partners participate in these drives to recruit fresh talent into their organisation. Companies like Amazon, Tata Group, Mahindra and Mahindra, Flipkart, Godrej Group and many more recruit MBA in HR graduates from Sandip University.

4. Focused Skill Development

There is added focus on developing each student’s technical and soft skills at Sandip University. Candidates pursuing a career in HR need to have exceptional communication skills, analytical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills to make it in this competitive field. Sandip University holds group discussions, competitions, debates and much more to help students develop such skills.

5. Eminent Faculty Members

Most of the faculty members teaching management students at Sandip University hold qualifications from IIMs across the nation. These professionals are highly experienced to mentor students towards a bright career. They bring with them relevant training and educational qualifications with a global reach, which helps students be trained by the best in the industry.

6. Futuristic Educational Experience

Sandip University’s world class 250+ acre campus provides students with a dynamic student experience through a balance between academia and extracurricular activities. Students are driven to develop their overall personality and skills at Sandip University.


These are the reasons that make Sandip University one of the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra. You will receive the best education and training in MBA HR Management that will help you embark upon a global career in this field. Enter the world of endless possibilities at Sandip University. Good luck!

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