Reasons to pursue PhD in Engineering from Sandip University

PhD in Engineering

The highest academic designation available to an individual after completing a term of study is a PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy. A doctorate in research opens doors to a variety of opportunities. This three-year full time PhD program gives you the opportunity to delve deep in your area of interest, research as well as present your research in national as well as international conferences. While working on a PhD, students pick up a variety of talents. Your capacity to critically analyse a topic, exhibit intellectual maturity, acquire in-depth knowledge of a certain discipline, and produce a strong thesis is improved. Our University is the best college for PhD programmes in Nashik.  

Sandip University’s PhD program is designed primarily for candidates who want to work on solving real-time industrial, local, regional, national and international problems/problems. This is a win-win situation for PhD universities and industry. Academics face difficult issues that directly affect the well-being of industries and societies. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they are trained in the right skills in their PhD program.

Some of the top reasons to pursue PhD in Management Program from Sandip University are as follows:

  1. Developing Research Acumen

One of the most essential and important skills required to be learnt for a person pursuing or going to pursue a research program is research acumen. Research acumen is the ability to conduct research and have the skills required to conduct research. This program trains the students in skills, which helps to develop research acumen such as ability to write well and in a descriptive manner, think critically, delve deep into content and information and also information analysing skills. In India, the PhD programs seldom develop these skills amongst the students. In Sandip University, however, the PhD program is designed in such a manner such that it helps to develop the research acumen in the students. Frequent workshops and guest lectures on research skills are held so that students get trained in these skills, which are most necessary to become a good researcher.

  1. Intense Research Methods Training

We all know that the most important factor of any PhD program is the stronghold of research methods that the students get. At Sandip University, students are taught research methods in a comprehensive manner, with the help of both theory and practical training. They are trained on the latest research methods techniques, which helps them to keep updated with the latest trends in the research industry and helps them enhance their ability and knowledge to use the latest skills in research methods. Eminent faculty from top institutes are invited in order to train the students in the latest research methods techniques. The top Ph.D management colleges in Nashik provide extensive research methods training to the students.

  1. Updated and Industry-Oriented Curriculum

The coursework for the PhD program is designed in such a manner that it provides the latest research skills and knowledge to the students. The curriculum is taught in a manner such that it trains the students on industry-oriented skills and prepares them to work in various positions in the industry. This helps them to stay abreast with the latest changes and techniques in the research industry as well as helps to develop their overall personality. The curriculum is the most important factor as it is used as a training mechanism for the students.

  1. Workshops and Conferences

Overall personality development of PhD students is most important and therefore workshops and conferences are organised in order to give a chance to the PhD students to present their research. These internal conferences help the students to build their skills, develop their personality as well as hone their research knowledge and potential. Faculties also motivate the students to attend conferences and present their research, both nationally as well as internationally. These workshops and conferences also help in knowledge dissemination and training for the students.

  1. Distinguished Faculty

Students have the chance to learn from the well-known and world-class faculty. These faculties help the students in designing their research and are always available for the students, from the proposal stage to the defence stage. The faculty act as mentors to the students and they are always available to solve the students queries as well as guide the students in their professional journey. The faculty comes from a diverse background and have international standards of teaching and research.

Eligibility criteria for admission to Ph.D. Programme

Candidates for admission to Ph.D. Program requires a master’s degree from an accredited university with an overall score of at least 55%, or a grade equivalent to a ‘B’ on the UGC seven-point scale, or an equivalent grade on a point scale if a grading system is used.

For those belonging to SC/ST/OBC (with non-creamy layer)/NT/SBC/PwD, a 5% reduction in grade from 55% to 50% or an equivalent reduction in grade may be granted.

For candidates who have completed Masters, an overall score of at least 55% or an equivalent grade of ‘B’ on the UGC 7-point scale, or an equivalent grade on the point scale according to the grading system of coursework, and successful completion of M.Phil. degree.

Duration of the Program

The minimum duration for this program is 3 years full-time, 4 years part-time (including coursework), maximum {(n + 2) + 1*} years where n is the minimum duration of the program.

Extensions beyond the above limits may be granted for her 1* year (or more in special cases) by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Female candidates and candidates with 40% or more disabilities may be granted a two-year relaxation on their Ph.D. in maximum duration. In addition, candidates can be granted maternity/paternity leave of up to 240 days once for the entire duration of their PhD. program.


In conclusion, it can be said that the PhD program in Management at Sandip University is a unique program tailored to your needs. The top PhD colleges in Nashik can serve as a good starting point for your research career. It will guide you in training in research skills as well as develop your overall personality.

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