Reasons to pursue PhD in Engineering from Sandip University

PhD in Engineering

A PhD in engineering is useful and important. For you and your career, it opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance, a PhD enables you to launch research initiatives, get practical knowledge of cutting-edge technology, and establish yourself as a leader in your field of study. With a PhD, a professor position is also simple to obtain. Doctoral degrees are crucial to the knowledge economy. The main goals of completing a PhD are knowledge creation, knowledge discovery, and skill development. A PhD aids in the development of valuable transferrable abilities, which are highly valued by companies.

In addition to teaching applicants how to think critically and persevere, the degree’s very nature teaches them how to work well in teams, solve problems, and make presentations. Engineering theory and research are the main topics of a PhD degree. In a PhD programme, you’ll read, research, and write a lot more than you’ll really practise engineering’s practical applications. You can find careers in the fields of research and development with this education. For instance, you might find job developing new architecture and design methods or conducting material research. Our University is indeed a best college for PhD engineering programme in Nashik.

Nestled in the beautiful picturque settings of Nashik, Sandip University is one of the futuristic private universities in India. It is situated across two campuses; in 250 acres in Nashik and 75+ acres in Sydney. Sandip University wears many hats and has many feathers in the cap in the form of a large alumni following, globalized and 21st century courses and an excellent faculty. Some of the most significant and unique reasons to study at Sandip University would be as follows:

1. Accreditation– While joining any college or university, the first thing to look for and consider is whether it is accredited and well recognized in the industry. Sandip University is a safe and fruitful choice to consider as it is an autonomous educational university which is governed by the policy, rules and regulations of Maharashtra State and under the regulations of UGC. The University is recognized by the UGC and is also a member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the computer society of India (CSI), the education promotion Society of India (EPSI) and AIMA.

2. World-Class Ranking– It is ranked 9th amongst emerging universities in India. All the schools and departments in the University are well equipped with resources and faculties and are highly ranked. For Instance, Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre ranked 14 amongst all Engineering colleges in the West Zone. All the schools whether it is Engineering and Technology, Law, Commerce and Management Sciences are ranked highly. Our highly ranked status has helped our students to get a good job and as well as recognition in their professional lives.

3. Global Facilities: India is a global village today. Internationalization is a need of the day today and international exposure is something that is very important today in every field. It is important for the students therefore to understand whether the college that they wish to join for the courses offers global facilities. The more international the college is it also means that the students get the opportunity to go on international exchange programs and do research globally. At our University courses are tailored according to the global standards and norms. Our University has organized an international study tour to many international locations. It is one of the top PhD in Engineering colleges in Nashik.  The institute offers world-class facilities to students, including well-equipped classrooms, Data Science and Analytics Lab, Wi-Fi enabled campus, a big auditorium, cafeteria, and a digitally enabled library.

4. Ivy League Faculty– Sandip University has some excellent faculty, coming from premier institutions such as the IIM’s, IIT’s and NIT’s. These faculties come with a vast experience of research and practice in national and international settings. The exposure that our students get from the global faculties help them to understand the international educational standards and gain useful tips on working in an international environment. The quality of our faculty is exceptional and they always strive hard for the success of the students. This is one of the unique facets of our university.

5. Top Quality Placements– At the end of the studies, what all students look for are excellent placements. Sandip University has excellent placements for its students with some of the highest packages in MNC’s. All top-quality MNC companies such as Tata’s , reliance etc come to our campus to recruit students. After a PhD in Engineering degree a student has great scope to work in these companies and prove themselves in various positions. The best PhD in Engineering colleges in Nashik have top quality placements


A PhD in Engineering is therefore a good way to pursue a career in research in engineering sciences. After this degree, one can work in various domains such as in academics and in multinational companies. This also helps in contributing to the field of knowledge of engineering through various innovations and patents. It is therefore very much essential to pursue this research degree to do significant work in this field.

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