Scope & Career Opportunities After Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Degree

Scope & Career Opportunities After Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Degree

The technological space is rapidly growing and there have been some significant improvements in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well. As these fields are growing at a monumental speed, there is a distinct shortage of qualified and well-skilled professionals to work in these fields. More and more businesses are looking for dynamic candidates who have the skills to help their business grow, and develop better technologies in this field. Let’s take a look at some of the best career options in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

  1. Data Scientist

Data scientists have to deal with and manage complex data structures that can be quite large in size. They have to use AI technologies to create algorithms that can gather, clean, compress, accurately interpret, and analyse the available data. To become a data scientist you must know various programming languages including Python, SQL, Perl, and Scala. A B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence degree can provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge required to become a data scientist.

  1. Big Data Architect

Big data architects are some of the highest paid professionals in the AI industry, and there is a lot of career scope in this branch as well. These professionals are responsible for designing a big data environment on various systems including Spark and Hadoop. They must know how to go about data mining, cleaning, and visualising, besides knowing multiple programming languages.

  1. Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer has to use AI-based tools and algorithms to analyse complicated data in order to identify current and future market and business trends. This analysis will help the business make decisions regarding budgeting, production, marketing, and other internal matters. They have to work with cloud-based data platforms, as they are required to maintain and understand collected data. Professionals opting for this career path must have problem solving and analytical skills.

  1. AI Engineer

An AI engineer is tasked with using tools to design AI models that can help businesses gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and future market trends. Such insights will help businesses undertake decisions that may impact the entire organisation; hence, the AI models have to be accurate and well-developed. There are two types of models they can create: strong and weak. The type will depend on the goals the business hopes to achieve.

Careers in Machine Learning

  1. ML Engineer

Machine learning engineers are responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of machine learning projects and tools. They need to have a background in data science and applied research to make it in this field. Most AI projects need ML engineers as AI tools are structured around machine learning. Knowledge regarding programming languages and AI programming is a must to become an ML engineer.

  1. Director of Analytics

This is a senior level position in ML that you can attain after relevant experience in the field. These professionals are responsible for overseeing the data analytics and data warehousing departments within an organisation. They must implement AI and ML tools to help businesses organise their technological, financial and other resources within the organisation. This is more of a strategic management position in the ML industry.

  1. Computer Scientist

Computer scientists are tasked with programming software tools that can help businesses solve their problems and ensure the smooth functioning of their organisation. Computer scientists also develop websites and create mobile applications to suit the requirements of the business. They also develop models based on mathematics to ensure person to computer and computer to computer communications.

  1. Research Engineer

Research engineers are tasked with conducting path-breaking research which can enable the development of newer and better technology and tools in the market. They are also responsible for conducting research to innovate on existing engineering systems and tools. There is a growing demand for qualified and skilled professionals to take up the positions of research engineers across the world. Many B.Tech Artificial Intelligence Colleges in Nashik train students to become competent research engineers.


There is a lot of career scope for AI and ML in India and on the global front. There are many top AI and ML courses in Nashik that you can opt for to make it in this competitive and fast evolving field. Conduct some research and find the right college based on your requirements as a student. Your best bet would be to pick a college that offers 100% placement assistance to students through annual campus placements. Good luck!

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