Significance of Pursuing an MBA in International Business

Significance of Pursuing an MBA in International Business in the 21st Century

Do you want a career that takes you around the globe and helps you engage with different kinds of people, cultures, and business practices? Then an MBA in International Business is the right choice for you. MBA in International Business is one of the top management programs available today with excellent prospects. The program is designed to help candidates understand the provisions of doing business at the international level.

However, since this is a relatively new degree program, you may not be very well-versed with it. Before making a final decision to pursue this degree, you need to understand what the program is about, why you should pursue it, its eligibility, future career scope, and placement opportunities at Sandip University:

What is an MBA in International Business?

MBA in International Business is a two-year postgraduate degree program that is divided into four semesters. The program focuses on foreign trade policies, management of exports, foreign trade, foreign investments, and forex risk assessment. Candidates learn about diverse international markets, and obtain tools to deal with the circumstances that impact these markets.

This program has gained prominence across India as candidates from Indian universities are known to be hard working, smart, skilled, and dynamic individuals. These individuals have it in them to understand the needs of international businesses across different countries.

Why Study MBA in International Business?

There are many advantages to pursuing an MBA in International Business. This is a competitive and challenging field which will help you spread your wings and build a thriving career on the global stage. Here are some of the main reasons for pursuing MBA in International Business:

  1. Diverse employment prospects with excellent salary packages
  2. You have the opportunity to work in any corner of the world that you like
  3. You can build a wonderful career working for some of the most renowned multinational companies around the world
  4. There is a lot of scope in this field which will help you climb up the corporate ladder much faster than other fields

Curriculum and Eligibility for MBA in International Business

The syllabus of MBA in International Business is extensive and covers many dynamic topics such as Accounting & Financial Analysis, Innovation Management, Operations Management, International Business Law, Business Research Methods, Entrepreneurship Development, Quantitative Techniques in Management, Sustainable Development Goals, International Marketing Research, Import and Export Management, and Disaster Management & Competitive Strategy, to name a few.

If you want to apply for this program, you will need to have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent qualification from a UGC-recognised college or university with minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination. Some top MBA colleges in Maharashtra also hold competitive entrance exams for MBA applicants so you must look out for these exams when applying to such colleges.

Future Scope After MBA in International Business

There are a lot of career opportunities that are open to candidates holding an MBA in International Business. There are many jobs after MBA in International Business that you can apply for after completing this program. You need to make sure that you have the required knowledge and skills in this subject to make it in a competitive job market.

Leading companies are always looking for candidates who possess a unique understanding of different economies around the world, understand different trends related to international businesses, can communicate efficiently, and have the confidence to adapt to changing global scenarios.

Here are the top jobs open to you after completing MBA in International Business:

  1. Risk Management Director
  2. Government Affairs Director
  3. Business Development Manager
  4. Supply Chain Management Director
  5. Business Analytics Manager
  6. Information Security Director
  7. International Finance Manager
  8. Investment Banker
  9. International Marketing Manager
  10. Global Business Manager

Sandip University for MBA in International Business

Sandip University is one of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra that offers an MBA in International Business program to interested candidates. This program is designed after consultation with international business experts and economists to help students learn about the latest trends in international business. The goal is to expose students to international markets through reliable knowledge and skills.

Placements at Sandip University: Sandip University offers 100% placement assistance through campus placement drives that are held annually. Students have the opportunity to be placed in top multinational companies through these placement drives. Sandip University has partnered with the best companies from around the world for enhanced placement assistance to students. Companies like Amazon, John Dree, ThyssenKrupp, AtoS, Persistent, JCB, GSK, and Tata Group have partnered with Sandip University to recruit talented young professionals into their workforce around the world.


These are some of the significances of pursuing an MBA in International Business in the 21st century. As discussed, this is a futuristic degree program which will help you build a brilliant career with the right training. It is important to pick the right college to pursue this program to gain the maximum benefit. Sandip University can definitely help you develop your knowledge and skills in this field for a wonderful career ahead.

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