Specializations in the New Age MBA at Sandip University

Specializations in the New Age MBA at Sandip University

Choosing the right specialisation early on will not only give you a competitive advantage, but will bring other benefits for years to come. Finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship have traditionally been among the most in-demand and best MBA courses, and many students consider them the safest. But over time, especially post-COVID, the business needs have changed. The MBA focuses on areas of expertise such as digital marketing and business analytics.

Sandip University is the best university for a New Age MBA. Now is the time to align the MBA with industry needs. We are currently designing a new MBA that meets the needs and demands of the market. Sandip University offers this New Age MBA in Marketing tailored to industry needs. This is one of the best MBA programmes in Nashik. This is a degree designed with the growing needs of the industry and today’s demands in mind.

Introduced by Sandip University’s School of Commerce and Management Science, the New Age MBA in Business Analytics helps students master analytics-based business. Sandip University is one of the best business analytics colleges in Nashik and strives to prepare future leaders to advance their managerial knowledge. It is one of the best MBA programmes in Nashik.

MBA Business Analytics

The Business Analytics MBA curriculum was developed in collaboration with industry experts and includes all three parts of analytics visualization. Descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive modelling have been developed in a variety of courses and applications in optimization, computer simulation, decision analysis, statistics, predictive modeling, data mining and visualization, applied probabilistic modeling, artificial intelligence, and other disciplines. It is combined with appropriate tools and data management techniques such as financial marketing, supply chain information systems, and economics.

Pursuing this programme from one of the best universities for an MBA in Business Analytics requires innovative learning techniques such as case-based learning, experiential learning, complementary learning, industry learning, and mentor-based learning. Program content is created by industry experts and delivered by the best industry experts and faculty from around the world with relevant backgrounds in the field.

Sandip University offers a leading Business Analytics MBA programme in Nashik, offering compulsory internships to gain valuable work experience, explore career paths, gain an edge in the job market, network with experts in the field, and allow you to test certain skills that you learned in class before entering the workforce.

The MBA in Business Analytics is one of the newest additions to traditional MBA programs. Sandip University’s MBA in Business Analysis is part of the New Age MBA programme created by the university. These programmes are unique in their treatment of curriculum, pedagogy, industry exposure, and placement opportunities compared to other MBA programs. The top MBA colleges in Maharashtra offer an MBA in Business Analytics course in several parts of India.

MBA in Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services MBA strives to develop future influential leaders and advance their management knowledge.

Classify: This programme is designed for students seeking to acquire and/or enhance their business knowledge and skills, industry-specific skills, and BFSI domain and sector knowledge and skills. Duration, of course, translates abilities into properties.

Characteristics: The Integrated Industry Program is designed to introduce students to the current needs and requirements of the world’s fastest-growing primary sectors, engaging students through the concepts of knowing, doing, and being. designed to prepare.

Co-create: With front-end alignment to enhance learning excellence and back-end alignment to ensure career excellence with global academic partners and recruiting organizations, this programme is highly engaging and stimulating. It becomes a thing. All the management courses in Nashik offer an MBA course in banking and financial services.

Customize: The integration of local and global requirements and required competencies and attributes developed during the programme ensures the best ROI and lifelong learning. Her comprehensive two-year MBA programme aims to train future leaders and managers in the banking and financial services sectors. This programme is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the banking and financial services sector. The program’s rigorous coverage of industry-relevant topics ensures that students secure jobs and build successful management positions in the banking and financial services industry. The program was developed with an understanding of management best practices, industry-relevant professional skills, and Indian banking regulatory standards.


In summary, the New Age MBA is the best MBA in management you can pursue. It brings tremendous benefits to students and prepares them for the future. prepares students to become industry leaders and get great jobs. All the best MBA programmes in management colleges now offer the New Age MBA program.

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