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Career in AI

Role of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Performance Engineering

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are some of the fastest growing techs in the world today. They have been seamlessly integrated in multiple industries to ensure faster results, better functionality, eliminate repetitive tasks, and gain more...
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Top 5 Jobs after a B.Tech in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  Data science and artificial intelligence are interrelated fields that combine processes and systems to gain valuable insights from the available data. Data science is crucial in assisting artificial intelligence mediums find solutions to future...
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What Are Your Career Options After Jee Mains?

JEE Mains is one of the most trying entrance exams out there. Thousands of students across the country aspire to crack this exam and kick start their engineering career by enrolling into an IIT. This year only about 11,000 IIT seats are available for...
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