Top 10 Ways Robotics Could Transform Our Future

Top 10 Ways Robotics Could Transform Our Future

When we think of robotics or robotics, we often think of semi-sentient beings that can perform tasks and think like human beings. There are many negative connotations to robotics which are actually amplified to quite an extent due to the fear of robotics. The applications of robotics are simply used to perform a variety of tasks automatically.

The camera and microphone on your mobile phone are both examples of robotic applications. Robotics is also implemented to automate repetitive and menial tasks. The applications of robotics are already here and are bound to increase in coming years. There is a massive importance of robotics in the future.

Here are the top 10 ways in which robotics could transform our future:

  1. Education & Learning

The involvement of robotics in learning is inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic has already pushed remote learning to the forefront, and more and more experts agree that permanent flexibility in the medium of education is just a matter of time. Human teachers can only reach so many students. AI based options in robotics can revolutionise the educational process by making personalisation possible.

  1. Home & Lifestyle

Homes with assisted living facilities including AI-based home devices are fast becoming the norm. Modern families are relying on cloud-connected homes to enhance their lifestyle as devices such as Siri, Google Assist, and Alexa. Robotic cookers are the future in the kitchen, as they can replace multiple devices and appliances by performing multiple functions such as cooking, frying, steaming, grilling, etc. independently.

  1. Public Security & Safety

Public safety and military applications are rampant with examples of AI-based robotics applications. These innovations help secure international borders and maintain homeland security. Camera-based surveillance, drones, remote monitoring devices, and bomb defusing robots are all great examples of robotic applications in public security and safety. A career in robotics and automation is considered to be one of the most futuristic options with a global reach.

  1. Hazardous Workplace Applications

Disaster zones generally use robotics to ensure human safety and get the job done without endangering human life. Hazardous environments including natural and man-made calamities require AI-based tools to save lives. For example, a robotic tool could help detect human life trapped under debris of a building struck by an earthquake.

  1. Self-Driving Cars

Imagine travelling in a car that uses AI-based technology to complete your ride from start to finish. Once when this seemed like an impossible fantasy, but today self-driven cars are all the rage today due to the awesome implications they offer. Companies like Tesla, Uber, and General Motors are all competing with one another to make self-driving cars the norm globally.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare and medical facilities have always benefited from technological advancements as these advancements have saved lives, invented better medication, and have revolutionised the healthcare industry. Today, AI-based robots can successfully complete complex surgeries without much supervision. This technology can be extremely useful in saving lives in remote locations lacking proper medical facilities.

  1. Entertainment

AI-based robotic tools have seen a rise during the pandemic. Careers in robotics engineering have boomed over the last few years as the fascination for robotics-based applications have increased tremendously. Because of the fascination towards robots, people are investing in innovative entertaining spaces such as restaurants where the waiters are robots. Such spaces are bound to grow, increasing our dependence on robots.

  1. Cyber Security

Cyber security has become another important reality of our lives. As so many of our activities including work and rejuvenation are conducted online, the need for specialised AI-based cyber security tools have become extremely important. More and more companies are investing in applications and devices that enhance their cyber security. B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence is one of the most pursued courses today as there is a huge demand for well-trained professionals in the industry.

  1. Remote Exploration

The human race has always been extremely keen on exploring the unknown. Until today there have been thousands of exploration expeditions to the deepest corners of the ocean as well as the farthest points in space. Robotics has played a tremendous role in making space and ocean exploration possible. The advantage of implementing robotics in exploration is to avoid endangering human life, while also cutting down on the cost of the project. NASA’s Curiosity Rover on planet Mars is an excellent example of implementation of robotics in exploration.

  1. Safeguarding the Environment

Climate change is an unfortunate reality of our lives today. Strict and stringent measures need to be implemented to combat the issue. Many AI-based applications including robotics can go a long way in safeguarding the environment. Some of the best colleges for artificial intelligence in Maharashtra offer AI and robotics programs that train engineers of tomorrow to combat real-world and futuristic problems.


Many computer science colleges in Nashik offer competitive programs to students along with value-addition certification programs to help them gain the skills required to work in the robotics industry. So make sure to choose the right program and college for a bright future in the robotics industry. Good luck!

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