Top 4 Job Opportunities a BBA in Travel & Tourism Presents


The tourism industry is one of the few industries that also create growth opportunities and demands for other industries. Tourism in any country creates employment opportunities and contributes to the country’s economy. As people now have more disposable income, they like spending some time out with friends or family visiting a new location. With the advent of social media, tourism has almost become a competition, where people constantly want to visit newer places and want to click and post better photographs than their peers. This growth in the tourism industry has obviously led to a tremendous increase in demand for trained professionals to fit into the various segments of this industry.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 job opportunities that a BBA in Travel and Tourism can present:

  1. Airlines

The airline industry is booming as people prefer to get to their destination faster and without much hassle. That is why it is a lucrative career path to choose. After gaining a degree in BBA in Travel and Tourism you can integrate yourself into the airline business where you can work as a part of their ground staff that looks into booking, traffic assistance, reservation staff, and more. The airline industry is set to expand rapidly over the coming years so it is safe to say that the number of jobs available is also going to keep growing as well.

  1. Hotels

The hotel industry is becoming more and more luxurious by the minute. People spend according to their means and there is something for everyone in the hotel industry. With a BBA in Travel and Tourism you can easily become a part of the hotel industry and choose to work as a part of the operations segment, manage the front office of reputable hotels, manage food and beverage sector of a hotel, look after advertisement, accounts, public relations, work your way up to becoming the hotel manager, and many other sections of the hotel industry.

  1. Transportation Management

Tourists need transportation not just to get to and from a tourist location, but also when they are exploring the location on their own. You would be employed as a tour planner, a cruise planner, be in charge of the itinerary, manage railway and roadway transportation and more with a BBA in Travel and Tourism degree. The degree is versatile enough for you to be eligible for a vast array of job opportunities in the transportation segment of the industry.

  1. Other Options

Besides the above mentioned obvious options, you can also be employed in other segments of the travel and tourism industry. You can be appointed as a travel agent, a personal tour guide, a sales and marketing professional in a travel agency, a destination manager, and a tour planner as well. These are just some of the options available to you as a graduate holding a BBA in Travel and Tourism degree. You can also become your own boss by opening up your own travel agency and venturing into the business of helping people travel to exotic locations across the globe.

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