Top 5 Career Options After MBA in Information Technology

Career Options MBA Information Technology

The entire world is extremely dependent on technology of different kinds, especially information technology and this dependence is predicted to grow further. This growing dependence has created a need for professionals who can better understand information technology from a business point of view. Hence, the postgraduate program MBA in Information Technology has gained traction in recent years. Many top MBA colleges in India offer this program to aspiring students as there is a huge demand for professionals holding this degree because they are uniquely trained to handle IT systems and employees within the organisation.

So what kinds of career options are open to you after completing this program? Here are the top 5 career options open to you after completing MBA in Information Technology program:

  1. Chief Information Officer

A chief information officer is responsible for understanding the organisation’s goals to implement and manage information technologies to meet said goals. A company that relies on IT extensively may hire multiple chief information officers to meet their goals and grow as a business. Such companies hire professionals with a background in IT and business administration, making an MBA in Information Technology the best MBA degree to hold for this position.

  1. Information Technology Manager

Information technology managers or IT managers are expected to deal with computer and IT-related operations within an organisation. Their job profile is dedicated to overseeing cyber security, web services, data and website management, and tech-related procedures. Being in a managerial position, they often oversee a team of IT professionals, and recommend software implementation, maintenance, and upgrades based on business requirements. They need to have problem-solving and team leading skills for the job. Many top MBA colleges in India focus on soft-skill development due to industry demands.

  1. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are tasked with designing and constructing data communication networks, based on the company’s requirements. They work with local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) based on the needs of the company. They have to understand the goals and targets of the company to construct the best data communication networks for the growth of the company. Professionals holding an MBA in Information Technology can be hired by a large company and can head a team of computer network architects.

  1. IT Business Relationship Manager

Business relationship managers form the important link between skilled IT professionals and other departments within an organisation. These professionals have a strong sense of business strategy and help implement the technology that can drive business solutions based on customer demands to drive company profits. IT business relationship managers are involved with a company’s financial budgets, targets, and oversee company growth through project management.

  1. Computer & Information Research Scientist

Computer and information research scientists design and innovate on computer software and hardware based on company demands. They are also responsible for designing computer architecture within an organisation. Their main goal is to ensure faster computing, more astute networking tech, and better information security. Professionals holding an MBA in Information Technology have the skills to become valuable managerial assets in a company’s IT department.


An MBA degree has always been one of the most recognised and coveted qualifications on a global scale. Most businesses across various industries prefer professionals at managerial positions to hold an MBA degree. The ever evolving IT industry desperately needs more qualified IT professionals with business administrative training.

Best MBA colleges in Nashik now offer industry-integrated MBA programs that help students gain the right opportunities after completing the postgraduate program. The focus of these programs is on skill development through an industry-synced curriculum that enhances each student’s prospects in a competitive job market. So conduct some research and look for top emerging B-schools in Nashik from where you can pursue an MBA in Information Technology. Good luck!

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