Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Adopting Cloud Technology

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Cloud technology is one of the most rapidly growing technologies today. This technology is enabling more and more businesses to move away from traditional technologies and adopt cloud technology as an integral part of their business to fast track their digital transformation. The cloud technology market has grown from $175.8 billion in 2018 to $206 billion in 2019, which is a 17.3% increase. It has been estimated that by 2022 about 90% of businesses will adopt cloud technology. On a global scale, there is a huge requirement for qualified personnel in cloud technology, and companies are willing to handsomely pay well-trained professionals in the field. Top colleges in India are offering comprehensive courses in cloud technology to meet this surge in demand for qualified professionals.

Cloud technology mainly helps a user store and share business data like applications, files, and much more. Besides storing and sharing, a user can also transfer this data to remote locations when required. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why more and more businesses are gravitating towards cloud technology

Helps Reduce Cost

Cloud technology attracts businesses because it offers multiple relevant services at a very affordable cost. Small businesses are mainly benefited by the use of cloud technology because they are constantly looking to reduce cost. There is no need for businesses to invest in physical equipment as the cloud is a virtual technology, making a massive difference in expenditure incurred by a business. Cloud technology helps reduce electricity consumption, IT equipment, space consumption, thus further reducing the cost of maintaining, installing, and supporting the technology. These savings go a long way in sustaining small as well as new businesses.

Enables Flexibility

Cloud technology helps user access relevant data and files from anywhere, on any device, and at any desired time. For today’s advanced model this is a huge boon as it means that employers and employees can access required data and files even when they are not at the workplace. Employers can do business with ease, irrespective of where they are. Employees also have the freedom of working from home or elsewhere, when the situation demands. Additionally, this flexibility can help employers save on equipment cost by letting employees work on their own device.

Improves Data Security

Data security is another attractive aspect of cloud technology. In earlier means of data storage, there was a huge possibility that data could be stolen or damaged with ease, besides being prone to cyber threats like malware, viruses, and hacking. Cloud technology, on the other hand, is a much safer method of data storage. The data stored in the cloud is secured under a layer of anti-virus algorithms, and encryption tactics, besides being safe from human errors and power cuts which can cause loss of data.

Effective Integration

Businesses that use cloud technology have the additional advantage of a series of integration privileges with cloud-based suppliers. These services can help businesses streamline their back-office internal operations like HR, accounting, and marketing. With this type of effective integration means that back-end operations are more streamlined, leaving business owners to focus on more pressing areas related to the business.

Benefit of Scalability

Scalability is one of the best advantages of cloud technology. Scalability means that businesses can shift the scale of their cloud technology requirements. Small businesses can start with a smaller requirement of cloud-based technology, and the requirement can increase with time as the business grows. Similarly, a larger business can initially have a large requirement of cloud-based technology, but with time the business has the luxury of scaling up or scaling down their requirement of cloud-based technology. This feature of cloud technology ensures that businesses are able to keep their budget plans flexible.

How about a Career in Cloud Technology?

By now you must have a pretty good idea about how integral cloud technology has become to businesses across industries. This obviously means that there is a growing need for professionals adept in cloud technology. There are many educational institutions in India that offer programs in cloud technology. A number of programs on cloud technology spread over a shorter duration of time are also cropping up in the market. However, it is wise to not fall for such programs and rather pursue a full-time extensive and detailed program on cloud technology.

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