Top 6 Purposes & Functions of Law | Why Study Law in 2021

Why To Choose Law

An education in law can be an extremely versatile career choice. It may seem like becoming a lawyer is the only option after pursuing a law degree, but that is not true. Some of the best law courses can help you diversify your career choice, and make a real difference in the world. Lawyers have a wide range of skills and knowledge that can help them understand and navigate the complex natures of various businesses and social situations.

top 6 Purposes & Functions of Law Which Should Compel You to Study Law in 2021:

  1. The Power to Make a Real Difference in the World

Lawyers are equipped with the tools and skills to make a difference in the world with their abilities. Lawyers uphold human interests, fight for what is right, and help powerless people make their voices heard. Besides this, a degree in law can also enable you to work with businesses that want to protect the environment through real change in the legal world.

  1. Uphold Justice & Protect Global Human Rights

Making a difference in the world also means that you will fight for justice and uphold human rights on a global level. As a lawyer you can fight for social and political causes that interest you on a personal level, and also prevent inequality and discrimination from running rampant in our society. You will also have the option of working for persons who have faced injustice by being wrongfully convicted for a crime they have not committed.

  1. An Intellectually Challenging Career

Lawyers are expected to be smart, problem solvers, and quick thinkers if they want to fight injustice and stand for what is right. They must be capable of understanding the crux of a matter, and come up with solutions within the framework of the law. Lawyers also have to deal with laws and government regulations for complex issues regarding human rights that have enormous legal and personal implications. They should be intellectual enough to navigate such issues during the course of their career.

  1. Financial Stability & Continued Job Security

Lawyers are some of the highest paid professionals today. If you pursue a law degree from one of the best law colleges in India then you can definitely make a successful and lucrative career for yourself. This is also a recession-proof career as lawyers are constantly needed by people and businesses to help them navigate the complexities of the legal system. Law college admissions are always on the rise due to multiple candidates applying for a law degree every year.

  1. Versatile Career Options

After completing an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in law, you can chart out a career of your choice. You can start your practice and become an independent lawyer, work as a corporate lawyer for an established business, or work for social justice by offering your services to victims of heinous crimes. Lawyers can find interesting jobs in business, finance, banking, management, etc. depending on their expertise and skills.

  1. An Enriched Professional & Personal Life

Lawyers have an enriched professional and personal life due to their career. Lawyers are highly respected in our society, making a law degree a prestigious accomplishment. Lawyers can bridge the gap between their professional and personal life by applying their legal knowledge to day-to-day situations. They are better equipped to help family members who are in legal trouble, and they themselves can always be sure to lead a lawful life within the confines of the legal system.


An education in law can yield a very fulfilling and respectable career if you pursue the degree from a reputed law college. Some of the best law colleges in Nashik offer versatile undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to promising students. These colleges organise activities that help students gain courtroom experience through moot court sessions, legal aid camps, and compulsory internships. They also have recognised legal research centres within their campus to help you gain the best legal education in India. Look for such colleges when you decide to apply for a degree in law.

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