Top Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of computer application

Computer science degrees are some of the fastest tickets towards a global career in the IT sector. There are multiple job opportunities today, and newer opportunities crop up every day with the evolution of the IT industry. If you are interested in computer applications then a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree can open up many doors for you as this is one of the most versatile degrees available today.

Top 7 Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Computer Application:

1. A Multi-Faceted Career

There is a growing need for qualified computer engineers and a BCA can help you create a multi-faceted career in the industry. If you hold a BCA degree you can be employed in these sectors: healthcare, IT, finance, trading, transportation, software, and education. So if you want a degree that has diverse opportunities for you then a BCA is the right option for you.

2. Lucrative Career Prospects

Computer engineers are some of the highest paid professionals today. After receiving a BCA degree you can be among the top most well paid freshers in the industry. The average annual salary package for a computer application engineer is approximately INR 5 lakhs. So if you want to kickstart your career with a lucrative base salary then BCA is the programme you need to pursue.

3. Global Career Options

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple jobs in various industries open to computer engineers and so it goes without saying that holding a BCA degree can lead to many global career opportunities. Once you have completed this programme you can also opt for a Master of Computer Application (MCA) to gain better career opportunities on a global level.

4. Multiple Specialisations Available

Many colleges across India offer multiple specialisations to students pursuing a degree in  computer application or computer engineering. You can pursue Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Cloud Technology, Information Security and Full Stack Development if you choose to apply for a computer engineering degree. These are all highly innovative career paths with many job opportunities on a global scale.

5. An Affordable Education

While a lot of undergraduate degrees are quite expensive to pursue, a BCA is one of the more pocket-friendly options you can pursue. If you want to make a career in computer engineering without spending the big bucks, then a BCA is the best option for you. The average annual fee for a BCA degree is INR 45,000/-, which is quite affordable when compared to other computer science and engineering degrees.

6. Paid Internships at Top IT Companies

Since the BCA degree is so versatile, many IT companies hire professionals to work with them. Some top IT companies even offer paid internships to promising students pursuing BCA so that they can groom these students professionally and absorb them into the workforce after they have completed their education. Such an opportunity will help you build job skills and earn a steady stipend when pursuing your education.

7. Great Networking Opportunities

Since a stand-alone BCA degree can open up great opportunities for you early on in your career through paid internships and lucrative job opportunities as a fresher, you will have ample opportunities to create a great professional network. This network will help you build a career from the ground up, and when you are looking for a shift in the industry this network will help you in finding the right job in the industry over the years.


There are many factors that will go into applying for a BCA degree. You will have to conduct your research regarding top BCA colleges in India and  then shortlist the ones which have the best infrastructure, lab facilities, an industry-relevant curriculum, experienced faculty, and opportunities for student development. 

Some of the best BCA colleges in Nashik offer compulsory internships as a part of the BCA programme, giving you the right foundation for your career. Make sure that the college you choose also provides 100% placement assistance to help you find your niche in the industry. Good luck!  

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