Top 7 Career Options After Engineering in 2022

Top 7 Career Options After Engineering in 2022

Students on the verge of selecting a branch of science and technology in which to make a career may want to consider a career in engineering as well. There are many career options after engineering that could lead to an interesting career ahead. If you are someone who enjoys challenges posed by science and mathematics, a career in engineering may be the right choice for you. However, there are numerous branches and specialisations in engineering that you can choose from today. Your career will obviously be defined by the branch of engineering you pursue.

Here are the top 7 career options you can opt for after pursuing engineering from one of the best engineering colleges in India:

  1. Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer is tasked with conceptualising, designing, testing, building and eventually maintaining an aircraft or spacecraft. Aerospace engineers also work in testing appropriate equipment, facilitating test runs, monitoring computer simulations, and overseeing the manufacturing process of an aircraft or spacecraft. These professionals are hired by leading aviation companies, government space agencies, and also companies involved in manufacturing defence equipment.

  1. Environmental Engineer

Effective environmental engineering is the need of the hour, which is why becoming an environmental engineer can lead to a vibrant global career in a booming field. The world needs efficient and well-qualified professionals to lead the fight against climate change, and also provide solutions regarding damage control in relevant fields. These professionals are hired by public and private think tanks and public welfare departments within agencies.

  1. Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering that is extremely relevant even today. As the demand for swanky homes, commercial spaces, and efficient infrastructure arises, the demand for qualified and well-trained professionals holding qualifications from top B.Tech colleges in Nashik also increases. Civil engineers are hired by private real estate companies and government bodies involved in public works.

  1. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are in high demand today due to our dependence on electronic equipment and gadgets. Also, the rise in demand for e-vehicles has increased the demand for qualified professionals to conceptualise, test, and manufacture the body and structure of such vehicles. This demand is only going to rise as more and more people get environmentally conscious and reduce their dependence on oil-based products. These engineers are hired by automobile companies, public and private power stations, and can also pursue freelance projects as a consultant.

  1. Structural Engineer

Structural engineers are generally the backbone of construction projects as they are tasked with designing bridges, roads, and other infrastructural projects. These engineers measure loads and presses to ensure the structural integrity of a structure. They usually use computer-aided designing tools such as AutoCAD to create functional and durable structures. Some of the best engineering colleges in Nashik offer postgraduate programs to help students become highly skilled and employable members of the industry.

  1. Design Engineer

Design engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering that focuses on researching and designing newer and better products for improved functionality. These engineers have to create blueprints, prototypes for testing, and be involved in the manufacturing process of various products. Many top engineering colleges in Nashik offer compulsory internships to students to help them gain industry-synced training and knowledge in the field. These professionals are then hired by automobile companies, companies involved in defence, and telecommunication companies.

  1. Transportation Engineer

As smart cities and urban infrastructure increases, the need for efficient transportation increases as well. Transportation engineers are generally hired in the public sector, and are tasked with researching and proposing effective means of public transportation. They are involved in all forms of transportation such as roadways, railways, seaways, and airways. They are a part of the decision-making bodies that propose new roads, railway stations, and sea and air ports to help people travel safely and conveniently.


Engineering has always been a promising field and today it is all the more attractive because of diverse specialisations available. Many top B.Tech colleges in Maharashtra offer exceptional undergraduate engineering programs with a cutting-edge curriculum and industry-synced skill-based training. Their goal is to prepare students to become valuable engineers who can drive real change in the industry through innovation and creativity. So if you are considering a career in engineering, this is the right time to make the move and decide on the branch you wish to opt for, depending on your aptitude and interests. Good luck!

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