Top 7 Emerging Tech Trends in 2021 – Latest Technologies

Top 7 Tech Trends 2021, latest technologies

In the last decade, the tech sector has witnessed a booming growth, and it has completely revolutionised the way we live. Something as simple as making a phone call to something as complex as shopping for groceries can now be accomplished by a few clicks on a smartphone. Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation have made it possible to book a taxi or a plane ticket through a smart device without having to talk to another person. While these developments are astounding, there is still scope for growth. Every year there are newer, better, and more advanced technologies being developed which are bound to further transform our lives.

Top 7 Emerging Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2021:

1. Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

Internet of Behaviour is an extension of the already existing concept called Internet of Things (IoT). This tech helps businesses study human behaviour, patterns, and daily habits which helps them innovate on an existing product and make it more customer-friendly. IoB is linked with behavioural science where a health-tracking app collects information regarding your heart rate, sleep patterns, diet plans, and exercise schedules, and then makes necessary suggestions to help you reach your fitness goals. Professionals holding a B.Sc in VR, AR, & Machine Learning are prefered by businesses dealing with IoB.

2. Edge Artificial Intelligence

Edge Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the AI industry, where data is extracted from the nearest point of interaction for a user. For example, Google Maps helps you navigate around the city by extracting traffic data around you, and provides you with the best possible route based on this information. Edge AI helps businesses lower costs while maintaining customer satisfaction as latency times are reduced without compromising on security, and bandwidth. 

3. Total Experience (TX)

Customer experience has been the epicentre of most technologies, which has given rise to a new tech trend called Total Experience. TX is the amalgamation of customer experience, user experience, and employee experience to help enhance the ultimate experience. Techs related to TX are being used by businesses who want to keep track of the experiences of employees working remotely, and customers belonging to different locations. This will help them improve on existing customer services within a business, and keep up with employee satisfaction within an organisation.

4. Cyber Security Mesh

Cyber security has been around since a while now, but Cyber Security Mesh is an advanced form of cyber security which can help businesses securely access a digital asset without needing its specific location. This system is more flexible as it doesn’t need the location of an asset to be disclosed, making it more difficult to hack. More and more businesses are now relying on cyber security mesh to protect their data and sensitive information. Professionals who have completed a B.Tech or Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security course can be suited to pursue a career in cyber security mesh.

5. Telehealth & Telemedicine

The healthcare infrastructure on a global scale has been adapting to latest technologies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient consultations have been made possible through video chats, and prescriptions are being filled through no-contact deliveries from pharmacies. The role of AI in Telehealth and Telemedicine cannot be ignored as doctors and patients prefer consultations to be held virtually in non-life threatening situations. A number of start-ups have sprung up which connect doctors to patients, and customers to pharmacies from the comfort of their homes.

6. Hyper Automation

Hyper automation has become the need of the hour for many businesses across industries to survive in the post-pandemic world. More and more businesses are implementing AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Business Process Management to automate their operations, and help employees work with ease. Hyper automation leads to better productivity, lesser costs, reduces risks, and more accurate analysis of operations. Automation was always on the rise, but the global pandemic has geared up many businesses towards hyper automation to survive their competition.

7. Edge Computing

Edge Computing is the next-generation form of computing when compared to Quantum and Cloud Computing. Edge computing is the form of computing which helps solve issues that are caused by the latent nature of cloud computing. It is used to compute data that is time-sensitive, remote, and disconnected from a centralised location. Edge computing has the capacity to function as a smaller data centre where data is processed away from its main location to solve time.


Every year newer and better technologies are going to be developed based on business and consumer needs. It is best to keep an eye out for the latest tech trends of 2021 and choose the right career with futuristic B.Tech courses or Computer Science and Engineering courses. Top B.Tech universities in Maharashtra offer cutting-edge programmes that help professionals find their footing in the tech industry.

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