Top Career Paths & Opportunities in Business Analytics

Career Opportunities in Business Analytics

Business analytics is one of the latest and most prominent buzzwords around the business sector. There are many global opportunities in the field that ensure a bright career in business analytics. More and more businesses are now relying on cutting-edge business analytics to enhance their operations. Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your career in business analytics.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a tool that converts data into readable insights for businesses. Professionals involved in business analytics engage in data management, mining and visualisation, while also relying on predictive modelling, forecasts shared by simulations, and use of other data optimisation tools.

The insights derived from business analytics go a long way in helping businesses make futuristic decisions regarding marketing, hiring strategies, product development, and other organisational level decisions.

What is an MBA in Business Analytics?

MBA in Business Analytics is a postgraduate program spread across two years and four semesters. This program helps students develop relevant skills to become professional business analysts. Professionals holding this qualification are in huge demand by most businesses across different industries.

Candidates who hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a UGC-recognised university with minimum 50% aggregate marks are eligible for this program. The course curriculum of this program is an amalgamation of industry-synced theoretical knowledge and practical skills. So be prepared for a lot of hands-on training in the form of projects, seminars, workshops, guest lectures and more.

Top Career Opportunities in Business Analytics

A career in business analytics can translate into global opportunities with some of the biggest brands. If you are someone who enjoys a challenge and wants a career focused on leadership and technical skills then business analytics is the right option for you. Here are some of the top career options in business analytics:

1. Business Analyst

These professionals are responsible for analysing the existing systems within a business, collecting relevant data, analysing the data and suggesting remedies to improve overall business operations. Business Analysts implement changes to a business’ database to achieve their goals.

2. Business Development Manager

They work with different divisions within the organisation to ensure the overall development of the business. They also analyse the growth and development of competitors, market trends, product improvements, and consumer behaviour to drive profits.

3. Data Architect

Data architects are tasked with overseeing and building a company’s ample databases. They provide design and security solutions to optimise the functioning of a company’s databases. These professionals work in close tandem with machine learning engineers to achieve their targets.

4. Market Research Analyst

As the title suggests, market research analysts conduct relevant market research to analyse current and upcoming trends. They then use their analysis to drive positive business decisions in terms of marketing and branding strategies, and understanding consumer behaviour.

5. Business Intelligence Analyst

These professionals examine complicated data outputs to share their inputs to ensure a company’s development. They are also involved in examining financial reports to make intelligent recommendations regarding a company’s spending and profits.

6. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are professionals who oversee the financial aspects of the business. They are involved in analysing financial data, generate regular reports regarding profits and loss, plan the budget for the financial year, manage the financial portfolio of a business, and oversee investment opportunities for the business.

Should you opt for Sandip University’s New Age MBA in Business Analytics

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After completing the program our students are placed with one of our top global placement partners. Extra emphasis is laid on skill development, mentorship activities with industry leaders, and compulsory internships.


Business analytics is a dynamic and highly competitive field with diverse career opportunities. Pursuing a career in this field can be highly rewarding for professionals who are interested in business development and data science. Businesses today are constantly looking for skilled and qualified professionals in the field to help them expand their operations.

Sandip University can guide you towards a thriving career in business analytics with its cutting-edge program. You will gain guaranteed placement in a leading business and be able to boost your career with the right foundation. You are welcome to visit our vibrant campus and experience a hub of global education first-hand at Sandip University.

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