Top Cloud Computing College in Maharashtra

Cloud Computing College in Maharashtra

Cloud computing is one of the latest buzzwords in the IT industry. There are many cloud computing colleges in Maharashtra, India that offer cutting-edge programs. These programs prepare candidates to become skilled professionals required by the industry. Cloud computing is a very futuristic technology and you can make a great career in the same. Let’s take a look at cloud computing and the colleges that offer programs in this field.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an all-inclusive term that consists of all technologies related to cloud services such as computer networks, remote servers, databases and more. Cloud computing basically means that an end user can access computing services and resources without having to invest in a traditional IT set-up. Cloud technology and related services are usually available to people on a subscription basis.

A common example of cloud computing is Google Drive. Once you create a Gmail account, you can save data like photos, important documents, e-books and more on Google Drive which is a remote cloud server. You can easily access Google Drive on your phone, computer, tablet and many other devices.

Cloud computing is an extremely futuristic tech as it helps cut down IT costs and the effort taken to set up the required infrastructure. Cloud technology is safe, easy to use and extremely convenient for personal and professional use. Businesses of all sizes use cloud technology to save time, cut down operational costs, save crucial information securely, and enable flexibility in their daily operations.

Advantages of a Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is revolutionising the way we store data for personal and professional usage. Without a doubt, this branch of computer engineering is going to grow exponentially in the coming years. You can start your educational journey with a B.Tech in Cloud Computing for the right knowledge and training in the field. Here are some of the advantages of a career in cloud computing:

  1. It is a growing field with a broad global scope.
  2. There is a shortage of skilled cloud engineers in the field so you can find a lot of opportunities.
  3. You will be able to work in a progressive field with the potential to change the face of the IT sector in coming years.
  4. Cloud engineers are paid really well due to the shortage of skilled professionals in the industry.
  5. You can expect good job security as a cloud engineer as the field is highly advanced with constant growth.
  6. There are many undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programs in cloud computing that you can consider pursuing the program that is best for you.

How to Spot the Best College for Cloud Computing?

There are many cloud computing colleges in India today. If you are considering pursuing a cloud computing course in Nashik, Maharashtra here is how you can spot the leading colleges for this field:

  1. Advanced Curriculum: These colleges design their course curriculum after consulting with leading industry experts to ensure futuristic training.
  2. Placement Assistance: Leading computer engineering colleges offer 100% placement assistance to students. They have a list of prestigious empanelled placement partners who participate in their campus placement drives.
  3. Futuristic Infrastructure: When you study at leading colleges you will gain access to high-tech labs and a wholesome educational environment for personal and professional growth.
  4. Focused Student Development: Look for colleges that regularly organise co-curricular and extracurricular activities to help students gain the right exposure and develop their soft skills.
  5. Industry Collaborations: Colleges that partner with industry leaders help students gain paid internships, industry visits, field trips and mentorship opportunities.

What are the Career Prospects in Cloud Computing?

There are some excellent career opportunities you can opt for as a qualified cloud engineer. These are the top jobs in cloud computing:

  1. Cloud Engineer
  2. Cloud Architect
  3. Cloud Consultant
  4. DevOps Cloud Engineer
  5. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  6. Cloud Security Engineer
  7. Data Engineer
  8. Full-Stack Developer
  9. Cloud System Administrator
  10. UI Developer

Skills needed to make a Career in Cloud Computing

You will need to develop these skills to become a professional cloud engineer:

  1. Technical skills like HTML and basic knowledge about coding and programming.
  2. Deal with large quantities of data, and segregate and analyse the same.
  3. Focus on managing computer networks.
  4. Maintaining and securing data on cloud networks.
  5. Having the skill and capability to adapt to newer technologies.
  6. Keeping up with the latest advancements in the field.

Advantages of Studying Cloud Computing at Sandip University

Sandip University is one of the best cloud computing colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra. We have collaborated with cloud technology leaders like ESDS Software Solution Limited to provide our students with the best education possible. Sandip University offers these programs in cloud computing technology:

  1. B.Tech CSE in Cloud Technology & Information Security
  2. M.Tech Cloud Technology & Information Security
  3. PG Diploma in Advanced Cloud Computing

Our course curriculum is designed to help students become skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals in the industry. These programs will provide students with access to ESDS Software Solution Limited’s Cloud Data Centres at Nashik, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Students will also gain credentials from Sandip University and ESDS Software Solution Limited that are globally-recognised. Our students receive 100% placement assistance. They are placed with global leaders after completing their educational journey with us. If you are serious about a career in cloud computing, we can train you towards a bright and fulfilling career in the field.

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