Top Ranking Engineering College in India

Top Ranking Engineering College in India

Pursuing a career in engineering can be quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. You need to be careful about which program you choose and which colleges you apply to. There are many top-ranking engineering colleges in India that offer cutting-edge education in various fields of engineering. But how do you recognise which college is worth it? There are some features you can look out for which guarantee that can help you make the right decision. Let us take a look at these features.

Features of Top Engineering Colleges in India

1. Industry-Synced Curriculum

Engineering is a highly technical field and it is important to study a curriculum that meets the needs of the industry. You can take a look at the course curriculum of the engineering program you are interested in to understand how well-designed it is. If a curriculum includes theoretical knowledge, lab work, skill-oriented programs, value addition programs and hands-on activities then you can rest assured that it is industry-oriented. Studying an industry-synced program will help you gain an advantage over your peers in the job market.

2. Value Addition and Global Certification Programs

Mere class work and lab work does not cut it anymore in the engineering industry. Top engineering colleges understand that students need an edge to their resume upon graduation to attract the best placement opportunities. To this end, these colleges offer value addition and global certification programs to students at no additional cost. These certifications are globally recognised and add immense value to your resume. The programs are generally skill-based so you will be able to build on your skills to become a more successful engineer in the field of your choice.

3. 100% Placement Assistance

Placements are another important feature of top engineering colleges. Look for colleges that offer 100% placement assistance through campus placement drives. Such colleges also have many empanelled placement partners. You can find the list of these partners on the college’s website. Besides placements, make sure that the college offers compulsory internships as well. Internships are a great way to gain work experience in the industry. Often these internships translate into a job offer letter, ensuring your placement in a top engineering firm.

4. Experienced Faculty

A course’s curriculum is only as effective as the faculty teaching the course. Top colleges generally hire faculty holding qualifications from IITs, NITs, and other top engineering institutes. The work experience of these faculty members also matters a lot in the kind of training you will receive from them. Make sure that the college you apply to has faculty members holding PhDs and are well-experienced so that you can be trained by the best in the industry.

5. Industry Connect

Engineering is a hands-on field and it is important to step beyond the classroom to understand the real-time needs of the industry. Many B.Tech colleges in Nashik partner with various industry leaders to provide students opportunities like field trips, workshops, industry visits, internships, guest lectures and much more. They also provide specialised training to help students better integrate into the industry of their choice. Studying from such a college can help you become a better candidate for placement in a leading engineering firm.

6. Global Exposure

As an engineer, you can truly build a global career as engineers are widely needed in different industries across the world. Colleges often partner with international universities and institutes to provide students with skill development activities. You will have access to student development programs, international competitions, and international internships. Working in international firms will give you a global perspective on your career which can be very helpful in the long run.

7. World-class Infrastructure

The college you choose will be your home for at least four years if you are pursuing an engineering degree. You need to make sure that the infrastructure of the college you choose meets global standards for a global education. Look at their classrooms, lab facilities, play grounds, canteens and many such amenities that can help you understand what kind of educational experience you will receive at a particular college.

8. Focused Student Development

Student development is another important element of an engineering degree. Today, companies want to hire dynamic professionals who have technical skills and knowledge, while also displaying immense soft skills and talent. Colleges that focus on the overall development of students are worth it as you will transform your personality when you study there. You will develop soft skills like leadership skills, communication skills, analytical skills, team-building skills, time management skills, and problem-solving skills. These skills will prove to be a great asset to you through the course of your career.


Sandip University is one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra and has the above-mentioned features. You will gain access to a world-class education while also developing your overall skills and personality. Students are welcome to visit Sandip University’s 250+ acre dynamic campus to gain a better understanding about the kind of education they will receive here. You can build the right career in engineering with the right training at Sandip University. Good luck!

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