Top 7 Programs in Computer Science

Computer science, also known as CS, is the study of computational systems that include studying a computer’s hardware and software. Computer science is not only limited to the workings of a computer but also studies calculation, information data, and interaction process.

In computer science, students study design and development of software and hardware that solve different problems related to business, society, and science. Many important subjects including artificial intelligence, network database, human-computer interaction, numeric analysis, software engineering, vision & graphics, and computer theory form a part of the course curriculum.

Here are the top undergraduate programmes in Computer Science and postgraduate programmes in Computer Science.

Top courses in Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical computer science emphasises mathematical technique and focuses on all mathematical aspects of computer science. It covers various topics including algorithms, data structure, compilation, complexity, parallel and distributed computational economics, computational geography, computational biology, computational geometry, information theory, cryptography. It focuses on computation and provides more efficient theoretical methodologies related to computer science.

Software Engineering
Technical knowledge, software designing, implementation, and testing of software come under software engineering. This includes the process of the user application, design, coding, and construction of software according to the needs of users.

Hardware is an essential part of computer science. In hardware engineering, you can research testing, developing prototypes, producing computer systems, designing different components related to computers, and analyse the need for hardware development.

Computer Graphics
Computer graphics is the number one technology of computer science used in digital photography, video games, cell phones, film, computer displays, and many other applications.
Today, graphic designers are in demand for the creation of VFX in animated movies and video games. Data visualisation is also a part of computer graphics. Graphics make it easy to understand and analyse complex data. Graphics is an already well-established and fast developing component of computer science.

Programming Language
This is the study of different programming languages that help you produce new computer software. A programmer needs to have extensive knowledge of different programming languages, should be able to test programming software, and correct any existing errors.
Programming language forms a set of instructions that produces numerous outputs. It mainly controls the performance of a given machine.

Data Engineering
Data engineering is an aspect of data science. It emphasises on the practical application of data collection and analysis. Data engineering is a union of mathematics, business acumen, tools algorithms, and machine learning techniques. Data engineering also consists of the management and organisation of data.

Web Development
In this digital world, an organisation or a person should have a  website for advertising, promoting, and selling their services and products to the target customer. Web development is the course of designing and building a website so that a business can display an attractive and informative digital front to reach its customers.
Web development is a short term professional course that is mainly job-oriented. If you are interested in websites and have creative skills, this course can provide you many opportunities.

So if you are a person keen on developing a career in computer science, you must pick one of the above mentioned courses. These courses are offered at UG as well as PG level.

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