What can I do after B.Sc Interior Design?

Interior Designing Courses after 12

Interior designing is a booming field and there are a lot of career opportunities you can opt for by pursuing B.Sc in Interior Designing. Today, there is an added emphasis on style and decor in both residential and commercial spaces. If you are a creative individual with a unique sense of style, you can make waves in this industry with exciting opportunities. You will have to work with clients who want to revamp their living space, with corporates who want to design futuristic offices for their employees and owners of other establishments like hospitals or malls who want to manage space in a pleasing and efficient manner.

Let’s take a look at the top career options with Interior Designing Courses after 12th:

  1. Interior and Spatial Designer

Interior and spatial designers use their technical skills and creativity to design interiors of indoor spaces. They can be recruited by leading interior designing firms who handle a vast range of clients. These professionals have to understand the requirements of the client shared in the form of a brief and create mock-ups of design concepts they may have based on the brief. They also have to draw up the budget, conduct market research, secure necessary samples, work on feedback provided by the client and gain the approval of the client on the final design. Interior and spatial designers work with a team of designers so they need to have good team spirit and communication skills to do the job well.

  1. Production Designer

Production designers work on drawing up visual settings for movies, TV shows and theatre productions. These professionals design sets, exotic locations, VFX and work in close proximity with the light and camera crew and the director of the movie. They have to understand the vision of the director and producer to draw up concepts for different sets and also finalise a budget for the same. They are responsible for conducting necessary research in the kind of set construction that is necessary to make the setting a working reality for production. Production designers are indispensable in movies and television, and they are also paid handsomely for their expertise.

  1. Furniture Designer

Furniture designers, as the title suggests, design different types of furniture for mass production, small scale usage or personal customisation. While being a furniture designer may not seem like a very glamorous job description, these professionals actually revolutionise spaces. If you look at the kind of furniture that was designed for homes even a decade ago, you will find a huge improvement in terms of product utility, space utilisation and overall design appeal to suit modern tastes. This is made possible by professionals holding qualifications from top interior design colleges in Nashik as they have the technical skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the industry.

  1. Virtual Merchandiser

Virtual merchandisers are mainly hired by retail brands to design and present concepts that are visually appealing to promote goods of said retail brand. These professionals are also hired by art galleries and museums to ensure that the displays designed for various events are engaging to their target audience. These professionals deal with in-store window displays and virtual displays on online platforms. They have to conduct intensive research regarding current trends and styles to stay relevant in the industry. They need to have excellent communication skills as they work with diverse professionals in the interior design industry.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Launching an interior design firm of your own is another excellent career opportunity you can opt for if you want to be a self-employed professional. Choosing entrepreneurship will give you the freedom to work with a wide range of clients and build your portfolio. Many B.Sc in Interior Design colleges in Nashik provide students with the right training and skills to build a thriving business in the field. After completing this program, you can start building your business by choosing the field of interior design that appeals to you the most. You can work with homeowners or commercial space owners, depending on your interests. There is a lot of demand for skilled interior designers in the field and you can grow your business by recruiting professionals to help you and accepting more clients.


Rapid urbanisation and globalisation has opened up our minds to diverse possibilities. Today people want to live and work in spaces that reflect their personality and tastes. Interior designing is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity in our fast-paced environment. Efficiency is the name of the game, and people want to live in spaces that have high utility and efficiency without compromising on style and creativity. So make sure to choose a college that offers a cutting-edge curriculum and 100% placement assistance for a bright career in the field of interior designing. Good luck!

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