What can you do with a Pharmaceutical Science Degree?

Pharmaceutical Science Degree

There is a lot you can do with a pharmaceutical degree in India. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has seen a massive boom over the last few decades with newer medicines and drugs being available to patients. This has proved to be beneficial to the overall health and wellness of millions of people around the world. Pharmaceutical science is a thriving field and some of the best pharmaceutical colleges in Nashik offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in this field. These qualifications go a long way in solidifying a global career in the field of pharmaceutical science.

Here are some of the career options you can look into with a pharmaceutical science degree:

  1. Community Pharmacist

A community pharmacist is someone who works at local pharmacies and is responsible for interpreting a doctor’s prescription to provide the right medication to a patient. They are also licensed to sell over-the-counter medication and other medical supplies as and when needed. These professionals are generally hired by pharmacies of all sizes to efficiently provide the right medication and medical supplies to patients.

  1. Hospital Pharmacist

As the name suggests, hospital pharmacists are recruited by hospitals and healthcare centres. They are responsible for dispensing medicines to patients at the hospital’s pharmacy. They also work in tandem with medical staff including doctors and nurses to recommend the right doses of medicines and the means of administering the medicine. Hospital pharmacists have to keep close tabs on the medicines available and restock supplies as and when required.

  1. Research Scientist

Research scientists are responsible for driving research in the field of medical sciences through cutting-edge experiments. They work closely with professionals in the medicinal and life sciences branches of science to understand human anatomy and the impact of medicines on the human body. These professionals are tasked with investigating means by which diseases can be prevented and cured. They have to be extremely cautious and skilled as they are also responsible for handling drug trials on humans.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is another path that you can pursue after gaining a degree from one of the top pharmacy colleges in Nashik. Pursuing programs like Diploma in Pharmacy can help you gain the right qualifications and licences to open a pharmacy of your own in your locality. You will be a self-employed worker and can easily build your business gradually to make it big in the industry.

  1. Toxicologist

Toxicologists are professionals who study various toxic substances in a controlled lab environment to determine their impact on the human body. Toxicologists also work with gene-editing technologies to understand the risks of certain chemicals and the result of their exposure to humans. This is a highly advanced field of pharmaceutical science and needs professionals to be serious about the impact of their work in humans, plants and animals.

  1. Lecturer

You can become a professor of pharmaceutical science in one of the leading colleges in India. Colleges are always looking for faculty members with a Masters qualification in pharmaceutical science to train their students. If you pursue the degree from a reputed college you will have a better chance of working with leading institutions in the educational sector. Being a lecturer is a highly rewarding and satisfying career option as you will be shaping the next generation of pharmacists.

  1. Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists are highly skilled professionals who assist the police and various other criminal investigation bodies to investigate and solve crimes. If you are someone who enjoys a good mystery and wants to work in the field of solving crimes, then this could be an excellent career for you. Forensic science is a very interesting field and you will constantly learn something new through your job every day.

  1. Product Formulator

Product formulators in the pharmaceutical industry are responsible for developing cutting-edge drugs, medicine, and technology to combat diseases. They are also responsible for working on the formulas of existing drugs and making them better and more efficient. These professionals mainly work for the research and development department of pharmaceutical companies. Professionals in this field have to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled.

  1. Quality Control Chemist

Drugs, medicines and other medical supplies that come in direct contact with the human body have to be constantly regulated to ensure safety and efficiency. Quality control chemists are professionals who work in the manufacturing unit of pharmaceutical companies. They oversee the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the end product. They have to be well-versed with government regulations to avoid any breach of regulations and liability on the part of the pharmaceutical company.

  1. Pursue Higher Education

You can always choose to enhance your skills and knowledge in pharmaceutical science by opting to continue your education. Professionals holding a Masters in Pharmaceutical Science are eligible for most of the above mentioned jobs. However, if you want to get better career opportunities, you can always opt for a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science. A PhD will help you upgrade your qualifications and take your career to a whole new level.


These are some of the career opportunities you can pursue after completing a pharmaceutical degree course in Nashik. There are many wonderful colleges in Nashik that offer cutting-edge courses, training in high-tech labs, great research facilities and 100% placement assistance to students. Studying in such colleges can do wonders for your career in the long run. Do some research and find the course and college that best suit your career goals. Good luck!

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