Which is Better BA Psychology or BA Psychology (Hons.)? | Difference Between The Two Programs

BA Psychology Vs BA Psychology (Hons.)

A study of psychology can open up a number of career options for you, depending on your preference and ambition. Today there are a number of undergraduate programs open to candidates who want to pursue psychology. However, BA Psychology and BA Psychology (Hons.) are the most sought after programs for candidates looking to become professional psychologists. Many times these candidates are faced with a question: which course is better? Which has better prospects, and which can help them attain the kind of career they are seeking?

Differences between BA Psychology and BA Psychology (Hons.):

About the Program

BA Psychology: This program focuses on the study of psychology pertaining to health, human behaviour, personality, and cognitive processes.

BA Psychology (Hons.): This program focuses on studying the science behind mental functions and behaviours of humans and animals.

Subjects Covered

BA Psychology: Candidates pursuing BA Psychology study Biopsychology, Psychology & Individual Differences, Environmental Science, Development of Psychological Thought, Developmental Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, etc. The program will also focus on enhancing practical skills of candidates through dedicated lab sessions.

BA Psychology (Hons.): Candidates pursuing BA Psychology (Hons.) study Introduction to Counselling, Child Psychology, Counselling Process, Behaviour Modification and Counselling, Behavioural Science, Psychiatric Social Work, Psychotherapy, Career Information and Psychology, and languages. The program will help candidates develop their practical skills pertaining to counselling and psychotherapy.

Eligibility Criteria

BA Psychology: Candidates applying for this program must have completed 10+2 from a recognised board with minimum 50% aggregate marks. Candidates should not have any backlogs in the 10+ 2 examination.

BA Psychology (Hons.): Candidates applying for BA Psychology (Hons.) should have completed 10+2 from a recognised board with minimum 50% aggregate marks. Candidates should not have any backlogs in the 10+2 examinations.

Career & Placements

BA Psychology: Candidates holding a BA Psychology qualification have a bright career ahead of them as they can work as Career Counsellors, Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Health Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Community Counsellors, etc. at leading healthcare institutions, government organisations, NGOs, and educational institutes.

BA Psychology (Hons.): Candidates holding a BA Psychology (Hons.) degree can be hired as Child Psychologists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists, Instruction Psychologists, Trainers, Career Counsellors etc. at hospitals, health clinics, government organisations, NGOs., and educational institutions.


BA Psychology: The average annual salary range for young professionals holding a BA Psychology degree is between INR 2.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs, depending on their work experience and skill set. This range can vary depending on whether or not the professional holds a Masters degree in the field. Then their salary can range beyond INR 5 lakhs annually.

BA Psychology (Hons.): The average annual salary for young professionals holding BA Psychology (Hons.) degree ranges from INR 2.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs. This will vary depending on their work experience, skills, and any additional Masters or PhD qualification they may hold. Then their annual salary can range from INR 5 lakhs to 10+ lakhs.

Higher Education

BA Psychology: After completing this program, candidates can pursue MA in Psychology or MA in Psychology (Hons.) to enhance their qualification and attract better job opportunities. These qualifications can further lead to a PhD doctorate which can lead to lucrative and fulfilling career options ahead.

BA Psychology (Hons.): After completing Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons.), candidates can pursue MA in Psychology (Hons.) or MA in Psychology to gain better career opportunities. After a Masters degree they can opt for a PhD doctorate to enhance their career prospects.


It is difficult to straight away declare one program better than the other. Depending on your career goals and interests one course may suit you better, whereas another course may be better for your counterpart pursuing a career in psychology.

If you want to pursue a career in psychotherapy or child psychology, then BA Psychology (Hons.) will be a better option for you, and if you want to pursue a more scientific and research-based career in psychology, then BA Psychology would be the right course for you. You can pursue either of these programs from colleges that offer BA Social Science degrees.

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