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Which IT Tech is Most in Demand in 2021

The IT sector is making record advancements every year. There are a number of new and innovative technologies that are being invented to make people’s lives easier and more tech-savvy. There have been a number of technologies that have been around for a time now, and have seen massive development in the field year after year. Fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing every year, and newer technologies such as Blockchain are making a breakthrough in how the finance sector functions.

Most in Demand Top 5 IT Techs in 2021:

  1. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology or cloud computing is a powerful technology that helps users remotely store data in massive data centres in a secure and management-friendly manner. These data centres are generally located across various servers. Cloud technology has eliminated the need for physical devices to store and share data, opening up newer and better methods of securing software, sensitive information, and applications. If you want to make a career in cloud technology then pursuing a B.Tech in Cloud Technology will help you acquire the right skills and knowledge to make a career in the industry.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an already huge and ever-growing technology of recent times. Of late there have been massive developments in this field with the advent of driverless-cars, robotics, voice and face recognition, and DevOps. A B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence can pave the way for an innovative and highly lucrative career in global companies like Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple. Studies show that over 43% businesses across the world rely on AI in one way or another and this statistics is bound to increase in coming years, creating massive opportunities for qualified and well-trained professionals.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is another upcoming technology with a lot of potential for future growth. There is a lot of scope for this technology alongside artificial intelligence. Machine learning has made waves in the healthcare industry as well with the creation of tech that can enhance development of drugs to treat patients more efficiently in a shorter span of time. The possibilities are limitless as this technology can be used in education, banking and finance, automobile, and even entertainment. Pursuing a B.Tech in Machine Learning program can give you the right boost for your career in the industry of your choice.

  1. Cyber Security

Any business that deals with sensitive personal information of customers is always concerned about adopting the right level of cyber security. It is extremely crucial for companies to maintain and constantly upgrade their cyber security to prevent leak of sensitive financial and personal information. Cyber crime committed by hackers is one of the paramount concerns of tech companies and other businesses today. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies are constantly working on the level of security they provide to their customers. As newer and more sinister modes of cyber crimes are committed online, there is an ever-growing need for experienced and innovative experts to combat these challenges. B.Tech CSE in Cyber Security is one of the best computer engineering programs to pursue today for the right industry-exposure.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is an extension of cyber security that digitally captures data and sensitive information during a transaction in a manner that makes it difficult for hackers to obtain the information. There is no need for further intermediaries between the two parties involved in the transaction. There are many undergraduate degree and diploma programs that offer students the right knowledge and skills to become successful professionals in the Blockchain industry.


These are just some of the most in demand technologies in the IT industry in 2021. Many of these technologies are still in the initial stages of their development, and have a great potential for further innovation based on evolving needs of the IT industry. If you want to make a thriving career in the IT sector then you can easily pursue a degree program with a specialisation of your choice.

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