Which MBA Courses have the Highest Value?

Top mba Courses in Nashik

Master of Business Administration or an MBA is a competitive postgraduate degree with a lot of value that originated over a hundred years old. Over the years, this degree has gained global recognition and today it is one of the most popular business degrees out there. There are many diverse specialisations in business management courses that you can choose from, based on your aptitude and interests. Leading B-schools in India offer diverse MBA programs, some even with 100% placement guarantee and compulsory paid internships. So how do you decide which MBA course to pursue?

Here are the most valued MBA courses after 12th and an undergraduate degree:

  1. MBA Banking & Financial Services

The banking and finance industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. The IT boom has helped the sector implement many customer-friendly policies and facilities to retain customer loyalty and brand recognition. Companies in this sector are in need of well-qualified and trained professionals who can become assets to their organisation. To this end, many leading MBA colleges in India are also offering guaranteed placement to provide students with the right start to their career and to provide companies with a pool of talented candidates.

  1. MBA Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is one of the more recently launched programs, and is gaining global prominence at a rapid pace. This program focuses on teaching students to analyse data and provide valid insights and conclusions to help businesses make the right decisions. These decisions can be about the different branches of the business, marketing strategy, production innovation, and more. As more and more businesses understand the need for data analysis, professionals holding this qualification are in huge demand by businesses across many industries.

  1. MBA Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing Management is one of the most widely pursued marketing management courses prominent even today. Marketing has evolved over the decades and today’s tough market conditions means that businesses have to diversify their marketing strategies. Professionals holding this qualification are well-versed with different types of marketing including print, television, and digital marketing. While print, television and other forms of marketing have taken a back stage with the advent of digital marketing, there is still a lot of demand for skilled marketing professionals today.

  1. MBA Financial Management

Financial management is another MBA course with a lot of scope and career opportunities. This program focuses on analysing, studying, monitoring and organising the financial activities of a business. Professionals pursuing this qualification are expected to have excellent mathematical and statistical skills. They also need to have excellent soft skills like problem-solving skills, communication skills, logical and analytical skills and decision-making skills. Professionals with this degree are recruited by banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions.

  1. MBA Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management is a great program to pursue if you have good people skills. Professionals holding this qualification are responsible for recruiting new talent, identifying necessary changes in company policy and balancing company policy and employee satisfaction. Businesses invest a lot in their human resource department so that they can find the right talent to work with them and be able to retain valuable employees. An effectively functioning human resource department is an important aspect to the smooth functioning of any business, creating a lot of career opportunities in the field.

  1. MBA International Business

This program is one of the best management courses for students who want to make a career in global businesses as it focuses on learning about international markets, challenges faced by foreign markets, international economics and regulations faced by businesses in different countries. Professionals with this qualification are recruited by businesses that have operations in multiple countries. They are tasked with understanding the laws and regulations of these countries, and ensure that the business operations are run as per these regulations to avoid trouble with the law.


An MBA degree can help you gain the job of your dreams as more companies across the world recruit professionals holding this qualification. If you truly want a global career you can consider pursuing an MBA degree in the field of your choice. Many leading MBA colleges partner with leading brands to provide their students with excellent career opportunities through campus placement drives. Do some research and pick a college that offers 100% placement assistance to students. Good luck!

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