Why Choose Sandip University for Civil Engineering

Why Choose Sandip University for Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and still one of the most popular branches of engineering even today. Sandip University understands the need for competent and well-trained civil engineers to drive infrastructural progress around the world. To this end, the University offers a B.Tech in Civil Engineering program. After completing this program students can go on to pursue postgraduate and PhD qualifications in civil engineering at Sandip University.

There are many civil engineering colleges in India, but Sandip University stands apart for a number of reasons. If you are serious about pursuing a career in civil engineering, then this may be the right destination for you. Let us explore the reasons for pursuing civil engineering from Sandip University.

Here is what makes Sandip University one of the best Civil Engineering colleges in Maharashtra:

1. Cutting-edge Curriculum and Pedagogy

Sandip School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in civil engineering that are industry-leading and cutting-edge. The course curriculum of these programs is updated regularly to help students gain access to the latest technologies and trends in the civil engineering industry. The curriculum is designed by the University’s faculty members in collaboration with industry experts to ensure the relevance of the education received by students pursuing these programs at Sandip University.

2. High-tech Infrastructure

Civil engineering is a hands-on field and students pursuing it need to be trained in extremely high-tech labs for advanced skill building. Sandip University has set up state-of-the-art laboratories to provide students with the best training in the field. Subject-wise labs are set up to impart specialised training with latest equipment. At Sandip University, students are trained in Hydraulics Lab, Geotechnical Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Concrete Technology Lab, Construction Management Lab, and Transportation Engineering Lab.

3. Value Addition and Global Certification Programs

A degree can only take you so far in today’s competitive environment. Leading colleges like Sandip University have integrated value addition and global certification programs into the course curriculum of its civil engineering programs. This helps students stand apart from their competitors in the job market. The programs help enhance each student’s technical and soft skills to make them well-rounded professionals in the field. The University has partnered with industry leaders to design these programs.

4. 100% Placement Assistance

Placements are a very important aspect of a student’s college experience. Finding the right start to one’s career is crucial for continued success in the field. Sandip University has a dedicated placement cell that organises various placement drives and activities to help students prepare for placement opportunities. Activities like compulsory internships, resume writing workshops, mock interview sessions and many more are carried out to help students prepare for working full-time in the field.

5. Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty

An advanced course curriculum and infrastructural facilities in a university can only help you succeed if you are trained by the best faculty in the industry. Sandip University recruits the best faculty in the field from various IITs and NITs across the nation. These professionals have a spectacular teaching experience behind them, which helps them train students efficiently. The University regularly conducts faculty training programs and faculty exchange programs with national and global partners. This helps faculty members upgrade their skills and knowledge relevant to their field.

6. Focus on All-rounder Skill Building

Gone are those days when engineers were expected to only have exceptional technical skills. Today, companies and organisations want to recruit dynamic professionals who have a wide range of soft skills in their arsenal and have developed a vibrant personality. Companies want professionals to be a well-rounded asset to their organisation. Sandip University understands these requirements of the civil engineering industry. Here, students are trained beyond the classroom through workshops, inter-college competitions, sporting events, extracurricular activities, field trips, college fests, student clubs and much more.

7. Relevant Global Exposure

Sandip University has partnered with numerous international educational institutes and organisations to provide students with relevant global exposure. Civil engineering is a global field and your qualifications from Sandip University can help you gain global career opportunities. Every year, many events like student exchange programs and international internships are conducted to help meritorious students gain access to global opportunities. These internships can translate into lucrative job opportunities, depending on the student’s performance.


Sandip University offers some of the best civil engineering courses after 12th to help you build the right foundation in this field. The University’s exceptional research and training facilities help students gain the right exposure into the industry. Students are trained to become free thinkers and innovators, rather than followers.

Today, the world is in need of innovative thinkers and creative professionals who can find solutions to problems like climate change and erosion of natural resources. Civil engineers can find solutions to these problems with the right training. At Sandip University, you will have the opportunity to build a thriving global career as a civil engineer!

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