Why Do Students Choose Sandip University For Higher Studies?

Why Do Students Choose Sandip University For Higher Studies

There are many universities that one can opt for studying. This blog focuses on why you should choose Sandip University for your studies. Sandip University is a private university and UGC recognised, located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The University was established in 2017. It had formerly a campus in Sijoul, Madhubani district, Bihar. Later it became a separate private university known as Sandip University, Sijoul. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Located in the historic city of Nashik, Sandip University is highly progressive in thought, culture, mission and vision, providing the next generation of students with an excellent education. Sandip University can help you provide the best of both worlds. It also has a culture of its own as well as it imparts an education that is far ahead of its time.

Recognised by UGC, Sandip University offers a wide range of courses in various fields at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Sandip University has a quality infrastructure and its mission is to prepare the next generation for innovative programs. It is a UGC approved private university in Maharashtra, which caters to the needs of the students. Sandip University is an UGC accredited university that is governed by rules, norms and regulations. It is a self-funded university in Maharashtra. Sandip University is a huge educational institution located in Nashik and provides both graduate and postgraduate education to students. It is known for excellence, integrity and overall development. These three things are important to overcome any more obstacles in life. At Sandip University, all efforts are made to make the students life easier and help them succeed. Sandip University is one of those universities known for its excellent courses, internships and career opportunities. Many of these MBA colleges in Nashik are private universities recognised by UGC, so they have the autonomy to design their own curricula and teaching methods. Sandip University is undoubtedly one of the best private universities in Maharashtra.

Why should you choose Sandip University for your career?

With a campus spread over 250 hectares and over 10,000 alumni, the institution ranks tenth amongst the emerging universities in India. The university employs qualified teachers with professional qualifications who have graduated from schools such as IIT, NIT and IIM. Some of the USP’s of Sandip University are as follows:

  1. State of the Art Technology
  2. Updated Curriculum
  3. Advanced Methods of Teaching
  4. Distinguished Faculty
  5. Latest Infrastructural Facilities
  6. Global Guest Lectures
  7. Certifications from various partners
  8. Proficiency in using industry tools through hands on training
  9. Industry-oriented training
  10. Case-based learning, branch simulation and immersion projects

Higher Studies in Sandip University

The academic programs offered at the university guarantee parameters of access, inclusiveness, excellence and national agenda. To achieve the goals and success of these parameters, the philosophy of teaching at the university puts research at the forefront by linking research, student-centered teaching, appropriate teaching and learning processes, and the creation of an incubator. Sandip University offers futuristic programs in higher Education which are oriented to the current market needs of the industry.

The New Age MBA program offered by Sandip University is an industry-oriented program tailored to the current market needs which promises to groom the future leaders in the industry. The New Age MBA is a program which is globalised in nature and is offered with a futuristic perspective to groom leaders. The special features of the New Age MBA programs are Harvard Case Studies, experiential learning, guest lectures of international speakers, teaching through group activities and role plays to name a few.

Therefore, higher studies at Sandip University are taught using advanced methods of learning. The five pillars of Sandip University, Access, Creation, Concept, Application and Service, were proposed through the construction of synchronised educational processes such as research, incubation, vocational, teaching and learning processes, and student-centered education. Sandip University has its own values ​​and vision. The most famous of these is that only those who earn the right to succeed will succeed. Moreover, the Sandip Group as a whole is an excellent example of success. Sandip University is recognised by UGC (University Grants Commission), Indian Bar Association. Sandip University is a top private university in India for B.Tech.


In 2018, Sandip University held a record of 94% interested and eligible students. In 2021/22, we have taken it a step further, placing over 400 students from engineering and MBA colleges. About 70 students from the Diploma course at Sandip University were placed and the rest of the Diploma students decided to continue their education. More than 200 companies, including KPIT, LTI, AtoS Syntel, Mphasis, Jaro, Byju’s, HFFC, IndiaMART, Amazon, Flipkart, Zensar and more, participated in the place. Sandip University is proud to offer its students an industry-based curriculum that helps them attract the attention of leading employers across industries.


It can be said therefore that Sandip University is the best choice for seeking higher education. It has many infrastructural facilities and many positives for the students to succeed in their lives. It is a great choice for students who are willing to succeed at the national and international level. The University offers courses according to the needs of the students. Therefore, the students will have a bright career if they join this University.

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