Why Study Fashion Designing in Best Colleges in India?

Fashion Designing in Best Colleges in India

There are many advantages to pursuing a fashion designing course in some of the best colleges in India. The fashion industry is vast and there is always a demand for creative and skilled professionals to drive change within the industry. However, choosing the right college can be a real challenge. You need to first list your priorities and parameters to find a college that suits your career goals best. There are many fashion designing colleges in Nashik that offer excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion design. These colleges have a robust understanding of industry requirements and help students gain the right knowledge and skills to make a bright career in the industry. So how do you shortlist colleges that you wish to apply to?

Here are some of the leading features of leading fashion designing colleges in India and their advantages:

  1. Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Fashion designing is an ever-changing field. This calls for a course curriculum that is regularly updated and maintained up-to-speed with the latest advancements in the fashion industry. These days fashion trends are leaning towards environment-friendly practices and reduction of waste. Course curriculums for leading fashion design courses in Nashik are regularly updated to keep up with the evolving fashion industry. This is a decided advantage of studying in a leading college as they constantly work on their curriculum, providing students with an industry-integrated education.

  1. Futuristic Skills

Fashion designers need to have a range of skills in their arsenal. Besides being creative and having great artistic skills, these professionals also need to learn sewing skills, communication skills, a thorough understanding about fabrics, embellishments, and a keen and unique eye with regards to fashion. Top fashion schools in the country inculcate skill-building activities into their curriculum such as sewing lab work, workshops, projects, and soft skill development activities. Students are also encouraged to participate in competitions to help them hone their problem-solving and analytical skills.

  1. World Class Infrastructure

Top fashion designing colleges in Maharashtra have an excellent infrastructure to help students build the right foundation for their career. Such colleges provide students access to various tools and resources to help them train appropriately. They also have cutting-edge fashion labs, resource libraries, and integrated studios to help them have an immersive educational experience. These facilities go a long way in helping students develop an edge over their competitors in the fashion industry. Leading colleges focus on developing their infrastructure, providing students with additional advantages in the field.

  1. Prominent Faculty

A college’s faculty is as important as a regularly updated curriculum as they mentor and train students to make it in a highly competitive industry. Top design colleges make sure that they recruit faculty members holding qualifications and working experience from top design institutes across the country. You should also check the college’s faculty to student ratio to ensure that students have access to one-on-one learning sessions with faculty members. Being trained by the right faculty is important for a successful career ahead.

  1. Industry Exposure

Industry exposure is another advantage of studying in leading fashion institutions. Students need to gain relevant industry exposure to make a successful career in fashion designing. Top colleges collaborate with industry experts and leading fashion brands to design an industry-synced curriculum, deliver guest lectures to students, conduct informative seminars, organise industry visits, etc. These activities go a long way in developing students’ skills and helping them find a niche for themselves in the industry.

  1. Placement Support

A college’s reputation is linked with the kind of placement support they can offer. Many fashion design colleges in Nashik offer 100% placement assistance to students. They organise annual placement drives on-campus to help students find the right job as freshers. These colleges also offer compulsory internships to students to help them gain hands-on work experience in the fashion industry. Besides this, colleges also conduct mock interviews and skill development programs to help students become more industry-ready. Students benefit greatly from such placement support from their college.


Fashion designing is a thriving field and has a lot of scope as people are always looking for fashionable and unique clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery, accessories and more. A career in fashion designing after 12th is the right decision if you have an inclination towards fashion and creativity. There are many leading programs in fashion designing that can help you gain the right academic knowledge and industry-relevant skills for a successful career. Make sure to conduct necessary research regarding which college you should apply to using the parameters discussed above. Good luck!

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