Why You Should Make A Career In User Experience Design

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Over the last few decades, science and technology have progressed beyond anything we could ever imagine. There are multitudes of technological advancements made by the minute, so much so that it is hard for us to sometimes keep track. Such advancements have opened the floodgates for numerous lucrative career opportunities in previously unheard of industries. One such industry is User Experience Design. Currently, “user experience designers” are highly sought after by various industries.

So what is User Experience and why are User Experience Designers in demand now?

Any experience that a user goes through when using a digital product is termed as user experience. Persons who design these experiences are user experience designers. For example, apps like SwiggyPaytmUber, were created to enable unique and never seen before user experiences. Earlier, you would have to call up a restaurant to place an order, but now you can place your order online and pay for it as well without having to interact with a single person. Similarly, earlier you had to step out of your home to get yourself a taxi, but now you can request one in the comfort of your home.

Such is the power wielded by user experience designers. Their job is to innovate and create unique experiences to make life easier for a consumer. The user experience industry, though crucial, is still relatively new and unknown to many. There are lots of job opportunities for user experience designers, but there is a massive lack of quality and qualified professionals in the industry. This is the right time to tap into this industry and make a lucrative career in India and abroad.

Why pursuea career in User Experience Design?

Every single business is fast becoming digitalised. Such rapid digitalisation across industries has created a mammoth demand for quality user experience designers. User experience designers engage in a lot of groundwork through meticulous market research on needs of potential customers, and constructive feedback from current customers. All this data enables them to come up with unique and practical solutions for businesses.

A business cannot survive without hiring user experience designers as their customers are bound to gravitate towards competitors who are able to provide them with a better user experience. User experience designers have become the backbone of nearly all businesses and that is why they are in such high demand and are amongst the highest paid professions in the industry.

No math? No engineering? No problem!

User experience design is such a flexible course that it is open to students from all streams. Even though a user experience designer has to work closely with coders, they do not NEED to know coding firsthand. Students from all educational backgrounds have some unique skills to contribute to their career in user experience design. Commerce students have the added advantage of having inculcated a business sense that gives them the extra edge to become effective user experience designers. Science students who want to diversify their career path can very well excel in an innovative yet technical field like user experience design. Humanities students usually have the uncanny ability to better understand the ever-evolving human nature, making them excellent candidates for a career in user experience design. Even if you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in engineering but don’t want to pursue a Master’s in the same then user experience design is the perfect industry in which to apply your engineering knowledge.

Why choose Sandip School of Design?

Sandip University believes in quality education above all else. That is why Sandip School of Design has collaborated with ImaginXP to give you the opportunity to be trained by the best. Currently, ImagineXP is leading educators in the user experience design industry with over 15,000 trained and certified professionals in the industry. Their patented curriculum is a unique mix of classroom assignment, projects, fieldwork, industry projects, internships, and shadow learning.

Sandip School of Design offers Bachelor’s and Master’s in User Experience Design. The final semester of both these courses is a compulsory internship in the user experience design industry. What’s more, ImagineXP also offers 100% placement assistance to all students. Sandip School of Design is the only school of design across Maharashtra where ImagineXP is currently offering its patented full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses.

If you are technically inclined and love thinking innovatively then user experience design is the right career for you. Don’t get clamoured down by traditional career choices where the industry demand for new potential has been nearly saturated. Grab your chance to pursue a career in a revolutionary industry that can change your life forever. Join the technological revolution; enroll for a degree in User Experience Design today.

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