Month: October 2021

Career Options MBA Information Technology

Top 5 Career Options After MBA in Information Technology

The entire world is extremely dependent on technology of different kinds, especially information technology and this dependence is predicted to grow further. This growing dependence has created a need for professionals who can better understand information technology from a business point of view. Hence, the postgraduate program MBA in Information Technology has gained traction in […]

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Benefits of Pursuing PG Diploma in Advanced Cloud Computing

Is a PG Diploma in Advanced Cloud Computing Worth It?

Cloud technology is one of the latest buzz words currently circulating around the tech industry. Cloud technology refers to the tech that helps businesses select cloud-based services and products for data storage purposes. This tech enables businesses to customise the kind of products they will require based on their needs. Such flexibility and cost-effectiveness has […]

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Benefits of Career in Robotic Process Automation

Is a Career in Robotic Process Automation Worth it in 2022?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that is created to automate uncomplicated repetitive tasks to save an employee’s time. The main aim is to help workers process tasks like processing applications, loans, and claims so that they can avoid conducting repetitive tasks and harness their potential to the limit. The use of RPA has […]

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