5 Advantages Of A Career In Pharmaceutical Science


Pharmaceutical science has been around since the advent of medicine. As the medical industry expands, so does the role of a pharmacist. Pharmacists have a huge hand in helping patients get better in time through their expertise of handing out prescribed medication. Over the last few decades the pharmaceutical industry has seen much evolution. The application of automation and the internet have had a huge impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Technology has completely revolutionised how pharmacists perform daily tasks in their profession.

Since pharmaceutical science is such a precise science, the need for qualified pharmacists is never ending. With the emergence of more and more healthcare facilities and advancements in the healthcare industry in general, the need for employable pharmacists has become even more imperative. The hospital and the retail branch of the healthcare industry are in need of well-qualified pharmacists for the treatment of patients. While some aspiring professionals may hesitate to take on this profession, there are a number of advantages to pursuing a career in pharmaceutical science.

Here are 5 reasons why a career in pharmaceutical industry can be rewarding

Diverse Career Options

There are two primary industries that require the expertise of pharmacists: the hospital industry and the retail industry. However, pharmacists perform many diverse roles and hold different responsibilities in these industries. Besides working as a pharmacist in these two industries, pharmacists can work in academics and impart the knowledge they have gleaned onto students. They can also work in the medical research segment of the medical industry and formulate new medicines for the industry. Research lab assistant is another area where pharmacists can utilise their skill set.

Work Flexibility

As healthcare industry has many different facets where pharmacists are required around the clock, there is a scope for pharmacists to work in shifts. For example, a 24×7 pharmacy will have at least 3 people working 8 hour shifts every day, with possibly a variation of people working the weekend shift. This kind of flexibility goes a long way in maintaining work-life balance for pharmacists. Young pharmacists can pick up more shifts to attain financial benefits, pharmacists with a family can choose shifts that can help them balance work and family life better. If pharmacists prefer a more fixed schedule they can opt for clinical or research jobs that have fixed work timings.

Job Stability

Pharmacists in the industry across the globe have a pretty high degree of job stability. As the medical industry is increasing in proportion there will always be massive demand for well-trained professional pharmacists. Self-employment is also a viable career option after completing a degree or diploma in pharmacy. Once you have attained the required licenses and the right educational background, opening one’s own pharmacy in your local community may very well be a career path you can pursue. Clinical and research jobs are aplenty as the healthcare industry constantly needs better and more medicinal drugs in the market.

Opportunity to Help People

Pharmacists across the globe are in the unique position to help people for health-related issues. The trust factor between patients and pharmacists is usually high as patients expect that pharmacists will help them attain the right drugs based on a prescription. At times some patients even avoid going to doctors for minor ailments and seek the counsel of a local pharmacist whom they trust to prescribe medicines. If you are interested in a profession that has close human interaction on a one-on-one level, then a career in pharmaceutical science may be your calling.

A Respected Profession

Anything to do with the medical community at large across the world garners respect and admiration. The same goes for the pharmaceutical profession. Most pharmacists are revered in their community and at the workplace. People look up to pharmacists as they are known to be experts in their field of science. In some places pharmacists attain respect similar to what a physician attains. An education in pharmaceutical science is by no means a small feat, as the course is pretty taxing with subjects like chemistry and calculus. That’s why pharmacists are respected as it is not everyone’s cup of tea to attempt such an education.

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