M.Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences

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About M.Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences

1.1 Industry growth prospects

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is booming at breakneck speed. The development of this industry has also enabled an increase in employment and a wide range of career opportunities for students.

1.2 Industry Growth Prospects

Those with a master's degree in pharmacy have opportunities in both industry and academia. Students with a Master of Science in Pharmacy hold a variety of positions, including R&D Managers, Project Managers, Manufacturing and Quality Managers, Laboratory Analysts and Sales Representatives. They have a lot of reach in both industry and academia, ultimately leading to career advancement.

2. Advantages of M.Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences
2.1 Employment

The Master of Pharmacy from Sandip University is a prestigious degree that a student can obtain from his one of Nashik's top pharmacy colleges. In addition to advanced knowledge of the field and dedicated laboratory work, the degree will help students secure the best employment opportunities in pharmaceutical MNCs, national and international research institutes and laboratories, and help them develop their future careers. Motivate to pursue research. Our Nashik University premier pharmacy courses provide students with an industry-compliant curriculum and provide 100% placement support for all students through our extensive annual recruitment campaign. Some of the best companies with masters degrees. Pharmacy graduates can be placed in India

2.2 Industry Skills

The Master of Pharmacy degree is designed to equip students with industry-oriented skills. In today's world, curricula are typically theoretical and textbook-based rather than aggressive and industry-oriented. However, at our university, we have put together a curriculum that conveys industry-oriented, industry-centered skills to the industry. At Sandip University, we know that change is the only constant and that skills evolve over time. For this reason, it is important to train students in the skills they need while working professionally. In addition to technical skills relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, students also receive training in the soft and life skills necessary to master job interviews and work in global multinational companies.

2.3 Overall growth

The Master's program focuses on the holistic personality development of the student. To this end, care is taken to ensure that the student's overall personality develops when completing the master's degree. As part of a comprehensive personal development effort, students are encouraged to participate in in-course character development courses and to actively participate in additional circular activities hosted by the College. A student must have a really good personality in order to land an influential position in a multinational company. With this requirement in mind, nurturing sessions are held at the university to help students shape their personalities to meet international standards.Personal Development Nursing Sessions contribute significantly to improving the quality of students at the Institute. These sessions prepare students to enter the industry with confidence.

2.4 Deeper knowledge in the field

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly and in-depth knowledge of the field is very essential and essential in order to keep up with advancements in the industry. It is tailored to cover aspects and also includes the latest advanced knowledge in the field. Students are also encouraged to read more to acquire advanced knowledge in their areas of interest. This deeper knowledge will help you in the long run to reach your long-term career goals. The curriculum is research-oriented, helping students delve deeper into the subject matter and learn the nuances of the subject matter.

Career Opportunities in M.Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences

Forensic Scientist

Forensics is the application of scientific investigation to the investigation of crimes, accidents, and other incidents.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Working for a pharmaceutical company is one of the most obvious options for pharmacy graduates, but it also offers a variety of career paths.

Regulatory Affairs

This job includes ensuring that the company and its products comply with government regulations. This is an important area for companies manufacturing new pharmaceuticals.

Sales and Marketing

Complex products that are designed and manufactured using pharmaceutical or chemical science often require sales and marketing professionals who can speak authoritatively about the science behind the product.

StructureProgram Structure

Pharmaceutical Advanced Analytical Techniques - Theory Novel Drug Delivery Systems - Theory
Advanced Pharmaceutics – Theory Drug Regulatory Affairs – Theory
Advanced Pharmaceutics – Practical Seminar / Assignment
Molecular Pharmaceutics – Theory Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics – Theory
Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals – Theory Computer aided Drug Delivery System – Theory
Advanced Pharmaceutics Practical-II Seminar/Assignment
Research Methodology and Biostatistics* – Theory Journal Club
Discussion/Presentation (Proposal Presentation) Research work
Journal Club Research work
Discussion/final Presentation

Fee Structure & Eligibility

Programme Sem Year Mode Eligibility Academic Fees
Per Year (INR)
Special Fees
(Incl. Library Fee & Examination Fees)
Per Year (INR)
Fees Per Year


M.Sc PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 4 2 Sem B Pharm passed from Indian university from an institution approved by Pharmacy Council of India and has scored not less than 55% of the maximum marks Rs 90,000/- Rs 10,000 /- Rs 1,00,000/-

  • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs. 1000/- (One Time).
  • Caution Money Rs. 1000/-
  • Hostel Fees Rs. 1,10,000/- per annum + 5000 (Deposit Rs 5, 000 at the time of admission Only on refundable basis)
  • Transportation Fees as applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point.
  • Uniform Cost Rs. 6000/-

Lab Facility


  • Sandip University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an approved school by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi and got equivalence from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education ,Mumbai.