5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Aerospace Engineering College

Aerospace Engineering Career

Aerospace engineering is mainly concerned with designing, developing, and manufacturing competent spacecrafts, aircrafts, war missiles, and many such products. Aerospace engineers generally work for companies involved in creating new designs and innovating existing designs of aircrafts, spacecrafts, and defence equipment. Governments across the world are now positively investing in space programmes that can help them launch successful space missions. Hence, there are a lot of job opportunities for competent and well-trained aerospace engineers in the industry. However, to become a well-qualified and skilled aerospace engineer, you need to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate programme from a recognised and well-equipped college.

Here are 5 pointers to bear in mind when choosing the best aerospace engineering college:

  1. A Diverse and Global Course Curriculum

A course’s curriculum can make or break you as an aerospace engineer. To make sure that you attain the right training, you need to look for colleges that have an industry-oriented and skill-based course curriculum. The curriculum must include not just the basics of aerospace engineering, but should also focus on how students can be pushed towards innovation and original thinking through advanced training relevant to the industry. All in all, students must be transformed into employable professionals after completing an aerospace engineering course from the chosen college.

  1. Well-equipped and Modern Laboratories

All branches of engineering require hands-on skills, and the same applies to aerospace engineering. It is important to get a clear picture about how well-equipped the college’s laboratory is, and how modern the equipment is to ensure that you attain the right training. Practical skills are of utmost importance in aerospace engineering, and even the slightest flaw in design can lead to dire consequences in this particular industry. A leading college will have a top-notch laboratory where students can practice and hone their skills with ease.

  1. Experienced and Well-qualified Faculty Members

Faculty members play a huge role in training students and ensuring that they attain the right balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This is especially relevant to aerospace engineering. Hence, it is important to check whether the faculty members dedicated to a college’s aerospace engineering department are holding PhDs from reputed institutes. Most leading colleges insist on a PhD-holding faculty to make sure that students benefit from the faculty’s intense research and vast knowledge on the industry.

  1. Excellent Research Opportunities

Research undoubtedly plays an important role in any field of engineering, and so it is essential for best aerospace engineering colleges to have commendable research facilities. Such colleges have well-established partnerships and collaborations with government and private sector companies and organisations. Exceptional colleges even earn government grants to drive cutting-edge research that can benefit the aerospace industry not just for the nation, but for the entire world. If a college has great research facilities, or has earned research grants from the government, you can rest assured of the college’s dedication towards its students.

  1. Focus on Student Development

While academics should be the main focus in any student’s life, it is important that students also attain opportunities that propel their overall development. To this end, a leading college must have a diverse array of activities, competitions, student clubs, extracurricular events, sporting events, and even academic pursuits like guest lectures, workshops, field trips, industrial visits, compulsory internships, and more. These events play an immense role in ensuring the overall development of students, regarding academics, and even personal development.

Should You Pursue Aerospace Engineering from Sandip University?

Sandip University offers a B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering to students who are determined to create a niche for themselves in the industry. At Sandip University, students are trained through a well-balanced course curriculum which focuses on industry-oriented knowledge and practical skill development. Our faculty members hold PhDs from IITs across the country, making them one of the most qualified faculties in India.

Sandip University has collaborated with multiple government and private institutions to drive cutting-edge research. Based on this research, more than 120 students and faculty members have applied for patents in multiple industries. Sandip University has collaborated with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to propel next-generation research in aerospace engineering. At Sandip University students attain the right atmosphere for academics and personal growth which makes them professional assets across industries. Furthermore, Sandip University offers 100% placement assistance to students through annual placement drives.

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