5 Traits Found in Best Law Colleges in India

5 Traits Found in Best Law Colleges in India

If you have to pursue one of the many promising law courses after 12th, the next step in the process would be to shortlist some of the best law colleges in India. Today there are many leading law colleges in India, so finding the right fit for your goals and career aspirations is very important. The task of narrowing down your research can be quite daunting, but there are some factors that you can bear in mind to make your search easier and more effective.

Here are the top 5 traits you can look for in law colleges to determine the best law schools in India:

  1. Curriculum & Training

The course curriculum of a law program can ascertain how effective and on par with industry standards. Some of the best law courses in Nashik regularly upgrade their course curriculum to meet the latest educational standards in Indian law. Such colleges also make sure that their course curriculum is designed bearing in mind the regulations prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI). So make sure that the college you select has a standardised and current curriculum for law programs.

  1. Dedicated Research Centre

Research is a huge part of a competitive legal education. There are law colleges in Nashik that have a dedicated research centre for postgraduate legal studies where students can study subjects like the Criminal Justice System, Intellectual Property Rights, Women’s Justice System, Clinical Legal Aid and Alternate Dispute Resolution. If you are serious about pursuing a specialised career in law with postgraduate studies, it would be best to pursue your education from a college that has a specific research centre for students.

  1. Infrastructure

A college’s infrastructure can have a massive impact on the kind of legal education you can obtain. Top law schools make it a priority to dedicate a specific location on their campus for moot courts. The Bar Council of India has made moot courts mandatory for legal studies as these sessions provide students with practical training sessions beyond the classroom. Such colleges organise extensive moot court sessions to train students through real-time legal scenarios and build their skills for a thriving legal career.

  1. Experienced Faculty

It goes without saying that faculty play an important role in honing students’ skills and knowledge in any field. Some of the best law colleges in Nashik recruit faculty holding PhDs from reputed educational institutions in India. Experienced and well-qualified faculty members help students understand the intricacies of law, train them to become problem solvers and innovative thinkers, and help them become excellent lawyers in the process.

  1. Placement Record

A law college’s placement record is another thing you need to consider before making the final decision. Some of the top law colleges in Nashik offer 100% placement assistance through annual placement drives. They also offer compulsory internships as a part of their course curriculum to help students gain real-world legal experience before they start their career. Make sure that the college you apply to has a good placement record, a decent number of empanelled recruitment partners, and a dedicated placement cell where students are given mock interview training.


Finding the right law college can be quite manageable if you look for these parameters when short listing colleges. India has a wealth of excellent law colleges, and some of the top law colleges in Maharashtra have a reputation of training some of the brightest legal minds of the country. A career in law can be quite rewarding if you have a passion for justice. So make sure that you carefully study the colleges you short list and apply to the best ones for a bright career ahead. Good luck!

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