Aerospace Engineering: Top Jobs and Career in India

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a futuristic branch of engineering that deals with designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining aircrafts and spacecrafts. This is a constantly evolving field with a lot of innovative potential. Air travel has become an important part of our lives and more and more people are aspiring for safe, quick and comfortable means of travel. This has increased the number of airline companies globally.

On the other hand, government spending on advanced military equipment for use and for exports has also seen an increase in the demand for qualified and well-trained aerospace engineers. Integration of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also increased aerospace engineering scope for the future. Space exploration is another avenue where aerospace engineers are making massive headway today. Let us look at the leading career opportunities in aerospace engineering.

Top Careers in Aerospace Engineering

  1. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining aircrafts, defence systems and spacecrafts. These professionals oversee different aspects of aerospace engineering including aerodynamics, structural design, navigation systems, communication systems, robotics, and propulsion systems. Aerospace engineers make a lucrative salary and there is a lot of career scope in this field on a global level.

  1. Design Engineer

As the name suggests, design engineers are tasked with overseeing the designing aspects of various airborne crafts. These professionals use CAD tools to create dynamic, sustainable and futuristic designs to suit the modern needs. They have to have detailed knowledge about aerospace engineering, aerodynamics and other scientific aspects of aerospace designing. This is a highly progressive field and professionals are expected to constantly upgrade their knowledge in the field to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Quality Engineer

Quality engineers are expected to check and maintain various quality standards of equipment used in aircrafts, spacecrafts and other airborne equipment for military use. They must provide quality assurance before an aircraft or spacecraft is ready for use. These professionals have to be well-versed with the manufacturing and maintenance aspect of aerospace equipment. This is a high-pressure and skill-oriented field with a bright career scope once you gain decent work experience and exposure in the industry.

  1. Aviation Safety Engineer

Aviation Safety engineers must use mathematical and scientific means to calculate the safety of various equipment. This could be in terms of safety of design, manufacturing process, endurability, and aerodynamic structures. This is a research-oriented field as these professionals must constantly keep up with various safety measures and design evolutions to solve problems on the go. Aviation safety engineers are also tasked with examining and overseeing the safety of commercial planes before they can start a new journey.

  1. Aircraft Production Manager

Aircraft production managers are professionals involved in the production processes of aerospace equipment. They must keep tabs on the avionics, mechanics, and aerodynamics while overseeing the production sites of aircrafts and other related equipment. They also have to ensure that production is carried out as per set deadlines, without wastage of any raw materials, and adjust work schedules to optimise the production process. These professionals are responsible for ensuring decent productivity rates during the manufacturing process.

  1. Technical Aviation Officer

Technical aviation officers are professionals who provide technical assistance to pilots and the control room. They are also responsible for designing, enhancing and maintaining relevant technical support equipment to ensure that they are in usable condition whenever needed. They must also keep a look out for the latest and most advanced equipment that can be purchased to enhance the efficiency of the organisation. Professionals who hold a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering degree can work as technical aviation officers in this field.

  1. Flight Test Engineer

Flight test engineers are professionals who test the prototypes of different aircrafts and aircraft-related equipment to ensure their safety during flight. This is a highly specific job and these professionals are expected to be at the top of their game to be able to understand any underlying issues with the equipment of the aircraft systems. Their analysis impacts the performance of an aircraft. Any mistake made by a flight test engineer when testing an aircraft before take-off can be a matter of life and death. Hence, these professionals are expected to be highly skilled and technically aware with regards to aerospace engineering.


Aerospace engineering is a highly progressive field if you want to make a global and challenging career. However, it is also a very precise field that requires professionals in the industry to be highly qualified and skilled to avoid life-threatening mistakes. M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering is one of the highest qualifications you can opt for to make a thriving career in this field. Look for colleges that offer a skill development-oriented course curriculum and 100% placement assistance for the right start to your career in this field. Good luck!

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