Benefits of Best Colleges for Environmental Engineering in India

Best Colleges for Environmental Engineering in India

Environmental engineering is one of the most futuristic specialisations you can currently pursue. There are many excellent colleges for environmental engineering in India and gaining a degree from such a college can be very beneficial.

Environmental engineering focuses on the study of environmental elements like water bodies, air quality, waste recycling and disposal, wildlife protection, forest cover, and regulations related to public healthcare.

Climate change is a very real threat that we are being faced with currently. We need smart, qualified and talented environmental engineers with globally recognised qualifications such as B.Tech in Environmental Engineering to help us deal with this threat.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of studying in one of the best colleges for environmental engineering in India:

1. Globally Recognised Curriculum

Best environmental engineering colleges ensure that their course curriculum is advanced and globally recognised. Such a curriculum will help you gain futuristic skills and knowledge in the field. You will have to keep up with an ever-evolving field, and so it is always best to study in a college that regularly upgrades its curriculum as per industry standards.

Studying such a curriculum will open up global opportunities for you as you will have the skills to work with leading private companies hiring environmental engineers around the world. You can also work in the public sector department, depending on your career goals.

2. Relevant Industry Collaborations

Leading environmental engineering colleges collaborate with industry experts to provide their students with relevant industry exposure. Such collaborations help students gain a 3600 view of the field. These colleges also sign MoUs with global educational institutions and companies.

Such MoUs help the colleges organise student exchange programs with global partners, facilitate international internships for students, engage in cutting-edge research with leading universities and also engage in faculty development programs to help their faculty members train with the latest tech in environmental engineering.

3. Focus on Hands-on Skill Development

Skill development is another important part of the training you will receive at one of the top environmental engineering colleges in India. These colleges focus on providing students with opportunities to develop their hard and soft skills. They have subject-wise training labs for environmental engineering programs. Students can learn industry-oriented skills in these labs. Such skills help students gain the right career opportunities once they graduate.

Besides this, students are trained to be team leaders, problem solvers, analytical thinkers, innovators and better time managers. This is done through project work, workshops, technical industry visits, field trips, sporting events, and seminars. Guest lectures are conducted to help students gain exposure to leading industry experts and their views on environmental engineers.

4. Value Addition & Global Certification Programs

Value addition and global certification programs are a great way to enhance your skills. Earning such certifications can help you attract better career opportunities. Leading colleges know this, which is why they offer a range of certification programs to environmental engineering students.

These programs include training on “AutoCAD”, on training on “Revit MEP”, and other short term training programs on “ETABS”. These programs are mostly conducted offline to train students in a hands-on manner. Leading companies that hire environmental engineers prefer candidates who hold the above-mentioned certifications in addition to an M.Tech in Environmental Engineering.

5. 100% Placement Assistance

The main goal of pursuing any program is to gain proper placement at the end. Top engineering colleges have a specialised placement cell that organises campus placement drives. Students receive 100% placement assistance in these drives. Leading private and public sector companies participate in these campus placement drives to recruit well-trained environmental engineers.

The placement cells of these colleges help students gain necessary training before facing corporate interviews. The training is done through mock interview sessions, resume-writing sessions, and other skill development programs to help students prepare for the placement drives. Colleges also partner with industry leaders to provide students access to internship opportunities that can translate into a full-time job, based on the student’s performance during the internship.

Study Environmental Engineering at Sandip University

Sandip University is one of the best environmental engineering colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra. You can pursue M.Tech in Environmental Engineering or a research-oriented PhD in Environmental Engineering at Sandip University for a bright career in the industry.

Sandip School of Engineering and Technology is a cutting-edge hub of industry-oriented education. We offer B.Tech and M.Tech Engineering programs to interested students. All our programs are integrated with value addition and global certifications. We have signed MoUs with over 16 leading international educational institutions and companies to provide our students with global exposure.

We have partnered with some of the best environmental engineering companies in India to provide students with an industry-linked education. Our annual placement drives are open to students who wish to receive 100% placement assistance.

Sandip University is constantly working towards ensuring that our programs help students build a global career in the field of their choice. You are welcome to visit our campus to experience India’s leading educational hub, first-hand!

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