Best Law Courses in India after 12th & Graduation

Law Courses in India after 12th

Law is one of the booming careers in India. Everything in our country is in accordance with the laws and regulation of the Government of India as well as the regulation authorities. It is therefore of atmost importance to study this field. Career wise this field has a lot of scope in terms of specializations, working in various government bodies as well as taking a deeper knowledge in the field. This career is also valid internationally as every country is governed by its own laws and experts in this field are always in need. In order to make their careers in this particular field, students have many options of degrees in law that are available in India. Some of the degrees that students can choose from for their law careers in India are as following:

1. BA LLB (Hons)– The BA LLB programme is a five year integrated program that the students can choose in order to do their studies in the field of law. This is a best law course after 12th as students have a clear line of their choice of career through this integrated program. Sandip University School of Law is one of the top law colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra who offers this course. The advantages of choosing the course for the students are that the students have an ‘integrated’ approach to their studies and immediately after their graduation, they can start their LLB studies. In this case, students can choose subjects such as Economics, Political Science and History in their BA amongst many other options. The BA in this case acts as a foundation for the LLB studies that the student would pursue and therefore the students can gain deeper knowledge related to that particular field.

2. BBA LLB (Hons)- This is a five year integrated course and is one of the popular and best law courses in Nashik. Sandip University School of Law is one of the top law colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra who offers this course. The students in this program get the benefit of studying business management first and then moving on to their law degree. The BBA LLB program offers a great benefit to the students to specialize in Commercial Law, Business Law as well as Finance and Taxation Laws. Apart from these specializations, there are many specializations that the students can choose from such as Civil Law, Criminal Law , Corporate Law , Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law amongst many others. This is one of the Best law courses in Nashik because of the comprehensive curriculum and employment opportunities that Sandip University offers after doing this course.

3. LLB (Hons)– The LLB (Hons) is a three year course after graduation. The students can be graduates of any field and then can pursue this course. This is a best LLB Course after Graduation. In order to qualify for admission for this course, a student needs to give an entrance test. Once he clears the entrance test, he can join the course. Some of the advantages of joining this three year course are a deep knowledge in the field, opportunities to join MNC companies after the course and going for further education such as LLM. The LLB (Hons) course at Sandip University is designed according to the industry needs with an advanced and creative curriculum. After the course students get an opportunity to join various companies on our panel such as Amazon India, KPMG, JP Morgan, Ernst and Young, Facebook, Maruti Suzuki, Indian Academy of Law and Management. The course is supported by internships and practical experience and helps the student for their overall and holistic development.

4. LLM (Criminal Law)- The LLM is a masters in Law which is a course which can be pursued after graduation. It is of a best course to have a career in law. At Sandip University’s School of Law at Nashik, the LLM is offered in various specializations such as Criminal Law others. The various specializations that LLM offers broadens the career paths of the students and helps to work in a broad spectrum in different disciplines. By doing the LLM in Criminal Law the students have an opportunity to work in police environments, jails, crime branch and cells amongst many other places.

5. LLM (Constitutional and Administrative Law)– The Constitutional and Administrative Law is another branch of law where the students have the opportunity to specialize in this field at Sandip University at Nashik. This course helps them to gain knowledge about how how the acts of our country govern our law and how law can be enforced constitutionally and administratively.

6. LLM (Corporate and Commercial Law)– The LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law is a branch where students can learn about Business Law. This is amongst the Best Law Courses in Nashik. Sandip University at Nashik offers this course and students can pursue this specialization after completing their LLB.


To conclude, we can say that law is a booming career in today’s world. With the advanced and industry oriented curriculum, expert faculties and up to date technology and infrastructure, the law course at Sandip University is the best to join and start your career in law. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!!

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